Even TikTok Is Grossed Out At A Pepsi Milk Cheese 'Hack'

Not that you really want to, but take a moment to consider the most disgusting or controversial food combination you wish would go away – because we've possibly found something much worse. Pepsi mixed with milk is apparently a concept that has existed for some time (and tastes surprisingly good, according to FoodBeast), but its success can probably be judged by the fact that neither Pepsi nor milk are particularly popular with consumers. YouGovAmerica finds that Pepsi ranks as the 30th most popular beverage with a 58% popularity rate, while the USDA details that milk consumption has been steadily decreasing since 1970.

However, that same USDA data shows that consumers highly appreciate cheese, so perhaps this TikTok invention is the creation many have been dreaming of — Pepsi milk cheese.

Uploaded by Mythical Kitchen and viewed over 900,000 times, the drink is as crazy as it sounds. The video shows a quart of milk and two cans of Pepsi being poured into a pan and cooked with white vinegar. The formed curds are then scraped into a cheesecloth, mixed with salt, and hung until the cheese forms. TikTokkers are incredibly disappointed and bemused.

Pepsi milk cheese, an intriguingly bad concoction

Turning Pepsi milk (known as pilk, according to Know Your Meme) into cheese hasn't gone down well on TikTok. Many question marks are featured in replies to the video, with viewers despairing about the actions of the chef, Josh. One replier could only manage, "Josh, why?" earning the response: "It's always 'Josh, why?', not 'Josh, how are you?'" (via TikTok).

In the video, Josh spreads Pepsi milk cheese onto avocado toast with chili flakes and olive oil, sharing it with a friend who describes the appearance as "cat food toast." After initially declaring it to taste "not terrible," they quickly recoil with, "Oh, I taste it now." Josh has taken hits from his audience, including "Every day I lose faith in you," "Josh woke up and chose violence today," and "This is devastating," as a succinct summary.

Not everyone is in total disgust, though. "I tried the pilk before. It's not that bad, tastes kinda like vanilla for some reason," admits one of the viewers. There's even a request for "chocolate pilk" (via TikTok), so perhaps Mythical Kitchen has started a terrible trend.