Every Trident Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

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When you ask people what their favorite candy is, there are many sweets you'd expect to hear them say: chocolate bars, gummy candies, and even hard sweets like Jawbreakers and Jolly Ranchers. A sweet that might make you do a double take upon hearing that it's someone's favorite candy, however, is gum. Not because it's unpopular, of course. Known to be great to munch on while working (as the writer of this article is doing right now), and a popular sweet for baseball players to gnaw on the sidelines, chewing gum is not only a great way to keep your teeth and breath feeling fresh, but a flavorful treat to chew on.

There are many different brands of gum out there, including the well-known Trident. With over 20 different flavors up on the website, you have a lot of different gums to "chews" from (via Trident). Whether you like something mintier, with a kick of cinnamon, or a little more on the fruity side, Trident has it all. Not all flavors are created equal, however, and no matter what kinds of gum you prefer, some are definitely better than others. Here are all the gum flavors ranked from worst to best, so the next time you need something to chew on while you work, you'll know which Trident flavors are best worth your buck.

21. Dragon Fruit Lychee

The first flavor we have on this list is the Dragon Fruit Lychee-flavored gum. This candy takes on a bright purple color; you would think it would have the mildly sweet flavor that dragon fruit carries, along with the more tart taste of lychee, but this couldn't be further from the truth. While we don't expect artificially flavored candies to taste spot on, we at least expect some semblance of similarity between a candy's flavor, and the flavor that it's based on, but the Dragon Fruit Lychee gum fails to do this.

This gum flavor, while pretty in color, does not taste at all like lychee or dragon fruit. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what this gum tastes like. One Amazon reviewer described it as smelling and tasting akin to a perfume, while another said it had a very strong grape and blueberry taste — not at all like the flavor it's supposed to be. It's also not as easy to find in stores as some of the other Trident flavors out there so, unfortunately, Dragon Fruit Lychee has to go near the bottom of this list.

20. Black Raspberry Twist

There are lots of berries out in the world, so naturally, there are also a lot of berry-flavored gums out there. Strawberry, blueberry, Island Berry ... you can find loads of berry gums among all of Trident's products, including its Black Raspberry Twist flavor. This gum supposedly takes the taste of ripe black raspberries and uses it to make a sweet flavor. You'd assume it would have a cloying raspberry taste from the name alone, but it doesn't. That isn't even the worst offender, however, as the thing you need to be most wary of in regards to this gum is the smell.

Reviews in terms of taste are pretty mixed. Some say that it tastes fine, while others lament that it doesn't taste anything like black raspberries. The smell, however, is a whole other issue. Many different reviewers note that it has a vile chemical smell, which turned them away from the candy far more than the taste did (via Amazon). Other reviewers, on the other hand, found the flavor's taste to be just as bad as the smell, and in general, it doesn't seem like the public has had that pleasant of a time with Black Raspberry, in one way or another.

19. Passionberry Twist

Trident has a lot of fruit flavors amongst its products, and while some taste great, others, like this next gum, fall flat. The Passionberry Twist flavored gum is based primarily on the flavor of tart-tasting passion fruit, showing off a freshly sliced piece of the fruit on its graphic, along with a raspberry and blackberry. You'd assume this fruit would have a nice taste because of this, with the sweetness of the raspberry and blackberry flavors balancing out the passion fruit well. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and this gum will leave you disappointed.

Not only is this flavor not that easy to find in stores, or even online, it also doesn't taste too good. A lot of consumers found the candy to have a strong chemical taste (via Amazon), and any trace of fruit flavor didn't taste close to real fruit — more like licorice. Not only that, but the actual flavor didn't last too long, and you'd be left chewing on a piece of flavorless gum much faster than some of the other flavors the brand carries. You'll likely have a difficult time finding this flavor in stores, and we don't suggest you go out of your way to look for it.

18. Splashing Mint

Trident offers many varieties of mint-flavored gums, and we mean a lot. Peppermint, spearmint, Mint Bliss, Sweet Mint, Perfect Peppermint — what we're getting at is there's a whole lot of mint gum to choose from. One mint-flavored gum that appears on this list is the Splashing Mint flavored gum, which comes in a black box, with bright blue colored mint on the graphic. We suppose it's trying to look cool in order to match its cool taste. Just because it looks cool, however, it doesn't mean that it tastes the best.

If we're being perfectly honest, when compared to all of the other mint flavors, Splashing Mint just doesn't stand out. It has pretty mixed reviews, with one individual writing that the flavor fades after a pretty short period of time (via Amazon). It's also pretty difficult to find online, as it is sold out through both Amazon and Walmart, so unless you find this flavor in person, you won't have the best chances of finding it. There are many more widely available and better-tasting gum flavors out there, even when it just comes to the Trident Brand itself, so you may want to pass on Splashing Mint.

17. Purely Trident Peppermint

The next flavor we have is a purer, fresher variant of one of Trident's more popular flavors: Purely Trident peppermint. It supposedly tastes just like its standard peppermint-flavored gum, except without any artificial color or flavor. Sounds awesome, right? For anyone trying to avoid certain ingredients in your typical gums, the more "pure" gum flavors Trident carries may certainly seem appealing. For the most part, it tastes pretty good! You can definitely taste the peppermint within each bite of the gum, and it is quite appealing in terms of said flavor — the issue is what colors and flavors Trident chose to create "pure" flavor.

When you look at the ingredients to this, along with the Purely Spearmint flavor of gum, you'll still find aspartame, sucralose, soy lecithin, and a preservative known as BHT (via Fooducate). So if you're someone trying to actively avoid those ingredients, then you may just want to avoid this gum in general. If you don't really care and are just looking for a good gum, this product is fine, but if you're hoping to avoid any particular ingredients that are commonly found in gum, you're going to need to be careful.

16. Purely Trident Spearmint

Immediately following the pure peppermint flavor, we have the Purely Trident spearmint gum. It's essentially Trident's regular spearmint flavor, except made without the artificial coloring and flavor that the regular gum has. The spearmint flavor is a lot milder in taste than peppermint, so the flavor of this gum is a lot more subtle but just as refreshing. Some people may prefer this more mild flavor, which is why it ranks higher than the previous entry. However, it has all the problems that the Purely peppermint gum had, meaning it contains all of the ingredients you might be trying to avoid.

As shown on the product's page on Walmart, this product contains aspartame, sucralose, and a bunch of other artificial ingredients that can cause health problems to those more sensitive to certain products. Again, if this candy just happens to be the only spearmint flavored gum that's in stock, then most people won't have a problem with it — it's just as fresh-tasting as the standard spearmint gum Trident offers. However, if you're looking for something made up of fewer artificial ingredients, or have any health issues that relate to some of the ingredients commonly found in gum (like aspartame), then you might just want to look for another brand in general.

15. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an interesting flavor for gum — it's not the most liked, but it's not the most hated, either. We're most familiar with the spice being used on coffee cakes, muffins, and even as a seasoning for savory dishes. But as a flavor of gum? While the taste of cinnamon gum might not be as appealing to some, those who enjoy the flavor really like it. It's spicy, sweet, and makes your breath feel just as fresh as it would be having a more minty flavor of gum. It's not the most popular taste, but for the people who like it, this Trident flavor is likely one of your favorites.

The reviews for Trident's cinnamon-flavored gum are rather mixed. Some people have a more pessimistic outlook on the gum, but more so because they aren't a fan of cinnamon gum in general. Those who do like cinnamon-flavored gum do really like this candy, stating that the gum lasts a good amount of time, and has a nice, balanced cinnamon flavor (via Influenster). This flavor isn't near the top of our list because the flavor is polarizing, but if more people enjoyed cinnamon gum in general, then we would definitely rank this higher.

14. Lime Passionfruit Twist

Lemons and limes are sour, yet they feature in a lot of sweet American beverages that are fan favorites all across the country. The next flavor on this list is the Lime Passionfruit Twist Trident gum, which takes the tangy flavor of lime, along with the mild sourness of passionfruit. You'd think that this would make for an extremely tart-tasting gum, and while this candy does have some sharpness, the overall flavor is quite nice. The only issue is really how long the flavor lasts.

Most people agree that this gum's flavor is pretty good. Reviewers on Influenster describe it as the perfect combination of sweetness and acidity. However, they also overwhelmingly agree that the flavor fades quite quickly, especially in comparison to some of the other Trident gum flavors out there. This gum would rank higher if the flavor lasted longer because the initial taste is pretty spot on. However, because we're looking for flavor and longevity when it comes to these gums, Lime Passionfruit Twist has a few things it needs to improve upon before it's placed any higher.

13. Watermelon Twist

What's there not to love about watermelon? Sweet, juicy, and the perfect snack or dessert to have on a hot summer day. Trident carries a watermelon gum, and while the flavor is more akin to a watermelon-flavored Jolly Rancher than an actual fresh watermelon, it still tastes solid — good, even. That may lead you to wonder why the Watermelon Twist flavored gum ranks so low on this list because we could see ourselves enjoying this flavor. However, there is one aspect of this gum that will leave you unsatisfied with the overall product.

Ask yourself: what are the most appealing parts about gum? One thing is the ability to chew on it for long periods of time, but the most important part is how long the flavor lasts. While the flavor of the Watermelon Twist is fruity and sweet, that flavor didn't last for as long as one might hope (via Amazon), and you'd be left chewing on a flavorless piece of rubber for the most part. We loved Watermelon Twist while it lasted. However, because of how short the actual flavor experience was, we have to place it a bit lower on this list.

12. Original

Now, we come to the flavor that started it all: Trident's original gum. Since this is the flavor that helped the brand get on its feet, and expand its product lineup, you'd think that this flavor would taste good, and perhaps even the best. There may have once been a time when this was the case, and it still does taste good — you can pick up the fresh taste of mint, making it a clean-feeling gum to chew on. Unfortunately for this flavor, however, it doesn't taste the same way that it used to, which isn't always a good thing, especially when the original was already amazing.

The original Trident flavor had a nice balance of minty-ness, along with a light note of cinnamon (via Change.org). However, it appears as though the brand changed the formula it uses for making the gum flavor, and it doesn't last as long or taste the same. According to the Change.org post, this wasn't a change people were happy about. We could definitely see ourselves chewing on this to freshen our breath because it's still a solid flavor, but we likely wouldn't enjoy it as much as we did before the taste changed for the worse.

11. Spearmint

Ah, spearmint. Often confused with regular old peppermint, spearmint is actually a different, unique flavor compared to other mints, especially when it comes to gum. Trident's Spearmint gum is one of their more popular, staple flavors, and for a good reason. The fresh, minty taste is perfect for making your teeth and breath feel just as fresh, and just as clean. Trident honestly couldn't have a good gum lineup without this flavor, so while it might not be the most unique, fruity, or fun, it's definitely solid and very delicious.

This flavor is incredibly easy to find, as it will be lurking on the counters of checkout aisles in gas stations, along with candy aisles in grocery stores. Overpoweringly minty, spearmint is a wonderful gum flavor to have on hand before a big meeting, a first kiss, or if you just want your breath to feel a bit fresher throughout a long day (just make sure it isn't in the middle of class with a super strict teacher!). It's rather basic when it comes to all of the other Trident flavors, but it isn't at all bad, and you can't really go wrong with this sensational spearmint gum.

10. Bubblegum

Another classic flavor of gum comes in a much brighter color: bubblegum. Pink, pretty, and sweet, bubblegum is the perfect flavor for anyone with a sweet tooth who wants to keep their breath feeling fresh. Fortunately for bubblegum lovers, Trident has a bubblegum-flavored candy with the rest of its sweet flavors. It's not fruity, and it isn't minty, but chewing on it will take you back to memories of going to ballgames, and bring an extra note of sweetness into your day. Some might not like the overly sweet nature of bubblegum in general, but those who can handle a more sugary taste will adore this flavor.

This gum is just as sweet as you'd expect it to be. Though it doesn't have any real sugar, it tastes like it does. Reviews for this product are overly positive, saying that the flavor is spot on and lasts a long time (via Amazon). It is easy to find in stores, so you should have no trouble locating and trying out Trident's bubblegum. If you don't like how sweet it tastes, we completely get you, but if you like anything bubblegum, you'll absolutely love chewing on this Trident offering.

9. Wintergreen

Another fresh and minty flavor that Trident features among all of its other gums is the Wintergreen gum. You don't have to wait until winter to have this fresh-tasting flavor, though! Wintergreen tastes a lot like the other mint-centric flavors, but with a cooler, clean feel. It's not as strong as the peppermint flavor, being a lot more mild, but it makes up for that with its coolness. The flavor lasts for a decent amount of time, making Wintergreen an overall solid Trident flavor, and not one you should miss out on the next time you're looking for a pack of gum.

The people love this flavor, though a few note that the actual minty-ness of the gum could last a little longer (via Amazon). However, upon closer inspection of the review, they write that the gum lasts for a couple of hours — which can be considered a pretty long time in terms of gum. Depending on where you live, it can be a bit challenging to find in stores. It is a pretty well-balanced, fresh, and minty candy. If you like your gum a bit more cool and minty, but not as overly minty as peppermint, then Wintergreen may be just the flavor you need.

8. Wild Blueberry Twist

Blueberry isn't the first flavor you'd think of when it comes to gum, but believe it or not, Trident features a gum flavored off of the sweet fruit, that being its Wild Blueberry Twist. The flavor is based on the blueberries, and also features a sliced pomegranate on the graphic, so you'd think there would be a hint of the rich, seedy fruit in the gum as well. Believe it or not, this flavor tastes amazing — not exactly like blueberries and pomegranates, but it's pretty good. There is one aspect about this gum that makes it a little less enticing, however, and that's its availability in stores.

Unfortunately, this particular flavor is extremely difficult to find, not just in stores, but online as well. It's often sold out, but when you do find it, you're in for a flavorful and delicious gum. Sweet, rich, and well-balanced, this gum could easily become a favorite if it were more accessible to the public. Reviews for this product are fairly mixed, but many people agree with the sentiment that this gum tastes excellent and is well-balanced in terms of flavor (via Amazon). Overall, a great gum, but it needs to be a bit easier to find.

7. Strawberry Twist

Strawberry is a favorite flavor for many candy lovers and is often the first flavor many go for when picking out a piece of candy from a bag or jar. Strawberry sweets are always a joy to find, and that includes this next flavor of Trident gum, Strawberry Twist. This chewable candy takes on the same flavor that any good strawberry candy does. While you shouldn't expect this candy to taste like the bright fruity flavor you'd find in a strawberry shortcake, it definitely will leave your teeth and breath feeling fresh, sweet, and satisfied.

The Strawberry Twist gum tastes just like any artificially flavored strawberry candy but lasts much longer. Many fans of the gum claim this flavor to be their favorite, praising the fruity taste along with the long-lasting flavor (via Amazon). While it isn't as easy to find in stores, you can locate it through online shopping sites — though that might be a bit more of a hassle than you'd prefer. We would argue it's worth it, though, especially when you take its sweet, strawberry flavor into account. We can see why this flavor is a favorite for many, and would have this strawberry gum again.

6. Perfect Peppermint

Trident has a lot of mint-themed flavors among its gum products, and at this point, you're probably wondering why the brand would produce so many varieties of mint gum. Not all of them are created equal, however, and Trident's Perfect Peppermint Gum is the perfect example of that — because like the name suggests, it's almost perfect. It will remind you of sucking on a peppermint stick over the holidays or even celebrating Christmas with a piece of sweet peppermint bark. With a strong, long-lasting flavor, and a cool, refreshing aftertaste, this is definitely one of the better mint gums Trident sells.

This gum is easy to find in stores, as it always seems to be in stock. It's also a favorite of many people who like to chew gum throughout the day, as they note that it tastes clean and has a long-lasting flavor (via Walmart). It's not bad on its own, but when compared to the other gums, it's a little basic — which isn't a bad thing, but when we're ranking gums, we're looking for the best of the best. This flavor definitely has a lot going for it, however, and we'd never turn down a pack of this flavor if it was offered to us.

5. Minty Sweet Twist

Oh look! We have yet another mint-flavored gum! Don't worry, though. All of these flavors are actually pretty good, so we don't mind seeing multiple flavors of mint. The Trident Minty Sweet Twist gum is a sweeter take on the peppermint and mint gums — not because it has more sugar (it is sweetened with Xylitol), it just tastes that way. The overpowering mint taste found in flavors like spearmint and wintergreen is a lot less prevalent in this flavor, allowing the sweetness to really shine through, and make for a fresh-flavored gum.

People have high opinions of this gum, describing it as "succulent, minty sweet goodness" (via Amazon). Some people might not like the sweetness, and prefer the more shocking taste of spearmint or the Original Trident gum, but this one is mild and very fresh-flavored because of that. There aren't a lot of other mint-flavored Trident gums that can top this one, so if you want your breath to be minty fresh before your first date, interview, or any big event where you're going to be speaking to someone a lot, this gum will help you out. When it comes to the mint-flavored Trident gums, this is definitely one of the best.

4. Island Berry Lime

In our next spot, we have Island Berry Lime. A pink box of this flavor of gum displays both a strawberry and a lime, so you'd assume that you would get something slightly tart, yet also fruity — and you'd be right. This is another flavor that isn't as easy to find in grocery stores, but those who have been able to find it and try it, more often than not, really enjoy the flavor. If it were easier to find, this would definitely rank higher — and even contend for the No. 1 spot, because the flavor of this gum is just that good.

You can pick up a light tartness that comes from the lime flavoring, along with the sweeter taste of strawberry candy combined to make up the outstanding flavor of this gum. It's a perfectly balanced, incredible flavor, and we could see it becoming more popular if you didn't have to look for specific grocery stores to get this gum, or shop online for it. There aren't a lot of reviews for this flavor online, though those that are posted are very positive (as per Amazon). We can assure gum chewers who like a decently long-lasting taste and tropical berry flavor that this Trident flavor may be perfect for you.

3. Pineapple Twist

When you think about summer fruits, the first one that likely comes to mind is a sweet, juicy pineapple. It's a bright, sweet treat that is perfect for desserts, sodas, and everything in between — including candy. Trident's Pineapple gum takes the flavor of the popular and beloved fruit and turns it into a crisp-tasting gum flavor. Each piece is as yellow as its namesake and just as juicy. While we couldn't use this gum to make a loaf of pineapple bread, we could see why people would enjoy incorporating this into their rotation of gum flavors.

This gum has the delicious taste of pineapple-flavored candy. It doesn't taste exactly like a pineapple, so don't expect that much, but the tropical flavor is delectable. The flavor doesn't last as long as some of the other fruit options, but out of most of the shorter-lasting gum flavors, this is definitely one of the best. One reviewer writes that while it won't make your breath feel the freshest, it will help your mouth feel cleaner after a meal. Even if you aren't a fan of pineapples as a fruit, there's a chance you'll enjoy this particular Trident gum flavor.

2. Mint Bliss

The next mint-flavored gum we have on this list — and we know there were a lot — is Trident's Mint Bliss gum. Just as you are likely feeling blissful as we reach the final items on this list, this gum will give you the gift of a blissfully minty and cool flavor. Fresh, slightly sweet, and with a cool, mild, and minty flavor, this is everything you could ask for in a mint gum. If you ever start to feel self-conscious about your breath, popping a piece of this gum into your mouth will wash away not only any stinky breath you have, but any worries you might have — it's that good.

This gum is amazing, and all over, you'll find positive reviews of this gum. It has a nearly perfect review on the Walmart website, with many claiming this particular flavor is their favorite. With such a refreshing taste, how could anyone not love this flavor? One reviewer even compares the taste of this gum to the inside of a peppermint patty, so if you love those, you might love this (via Walmart). Overall, this is a wonderful addition to the Trident flavor lineup, and certainly one of, if not the best mint gum that the brand has.

1. Tropical Twist

At the top of the list, we have none other than Trident's Tropical Twist. If you like things fruity as opposed to minty when it comes to your gum, then you probably know why we put this flavor at the top. It's a lot easier to find in stores than some of the other Trident gums, and with a lush, refreshing, and long-lasting fruit flavor, Tropical Twist is hard to beat. One may argue that this gum isn't as good because it doesn't give you the same minty-fresh feel to your breath that the more mint-heavy gums have. Even if it doesn't, this gum will still leave your breath feeling clean, and after all the mint flavors we've gone through, we really don't think we need another one.

This gum has a strong fruit taste, reminiscent of a cool drink you could get at a resort while staying on a tropical island. The flavor lasts for a good amount of time, too, which is a buying point for many consumers of gum (via Amazon). Not only does it last a while, but it tastes great too, with overwhelmingly positive reviews all over the internet, never seeming to dip below four stars (via Instacart). If you're looking for the best flavor of Trident gum out there, and you're okay with things a little more fruit-flavored than minty, then Tropical Twist is the best of the best.