The Popular Gluten-Free Cracker That's Cheesing It Up

Just because you're trying to avoid animal products or gluten in your diet doesn't mean you don't experience "snack attacks." While there are a lot of options available to people who have gone gluten-free, vegan, or both when it comes to snacking, cheese-flavored crackers have been a precarious proposition. There simply haven't been many options on the market for gluten-free, vegan versions of popular products like Cheez-Its Crackers.

There are some products that hit both notes while trying to recreate the cheesy crispness of traditional cheese-flavored crackers. For example, Simple Truth's Vegan White Cheddar Rice Crackers seem to fit the bill and are available at online retailers like Vitacost as well as major chains like Kroger. While Fooducate makes no statements about the flavor or texture of the crackers, it gives that product an A- grade for its nutritional content. However, this is just one option, and finding similar snacks in stores can be a challenge.

That situation is about to improve, though. A different brand that's known for its gluten-free snacks has just cut a new recipe loose.

Mary's Gone Cheezee

An Aug. 23, 2022 press release from Mary's Gone Crackers announces the company's first foray into cheese — or actually, a dairy-free replicant of cheese. The release states the brand has two new cheese-flavored cracker varieties available, Cheddar and Cheese & Herb. According to the company's website, the top four ingredients for both Mary's Gone Cheezee varieties are chickpea flour, tapioca starch, palm fruit shortening, and sunflower oil. Both flavors are not only gluten-free but vegan as well, though the website does note that they come from a facility that also processes sesame and soy.

For anyone who wants to see if the crackers' flavor and texture pass muster, the press release notes the new plant-based snacks are now available in some Sprouts Farmers Market locations with "full distribution" coming in September 2022. Additionally, the crackers are available for purchase online directly from Mary's Gone Crackers, which founder Mary Waldner started after she discovered she had Celiac Disease (per BusinessWire).

Because these are very new products, there aren't many reliable reviews yet. However, if you decide Mary's Gone Cheezee isn't for you, you aren't necessarily at a loss for other options. You could see if you can do one better yourself. Salted Plains has a gluten-free vegan "cheese" cracker recipe to inspire you, as does The Free From Fairy. If you'd rather leave the baking up to Mary, though, she'll surely be "cheesed" to meet you.