TikTok's Taco Bell Musical Is Back Just In Time For The Mexican Pizza Revival

On September 15, Taco Bell is reintroducing one of its fan favorite's with a beat and a jingle. The Mexican Pizza, or the "Pizzazz Pizza" was first introduced on the fast-food chain's menu in 1985, according to Fox 5. Like many other Taco Bell products, it was briefly taken off the menu in 2020, due to the amount of time that went into preparing the product (via Today).

However, the Mexican Pizza was brought back in May 2022, but quickly sold out due to high demand, according to The Street. After that, Taco Bell alluded to the idea that it would bring back the popular dish in the near future (via CNBC). The new launch day, September 15, is on the horizon, and the fast-food chain isn't only putting it back on the menu, but it's doing it in style. The long-awaited TikTok musical, "Mexican Pizza: The Musical," will also be dropping to celebrate the re-release.

The Musical will be dropping on September 15

Taco Bell's exclusive TikTok musical is hotly anticipated, as it was delayed from its original start date in May 2022 (via Food & Wine). The show features Dolly Parton and Doja Cat, and people shared their disappointment on Twitter when they heard about the postponement. Thankfully, the day is nearly here for the TikTok musical to arrive. According to The Takeout, the plot of the musical will consist of people fighting to bring back the Mexican Pizza. Taco Bell released a tease of what viewers could it expect via its TikTok. The video featured Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, who announced through song that the Mexican Pizza will be back forever.

Taco Bell has explored other social media marketing campaigns in the past, including partnering with influencers and engaging with customers on social media (via Business 2 Community). It's safe to say that many of its fans are excited to finally see both finished products — the TikTok musical and the Mexican Pizza.