Lunchables Is Giving Away $50,000 — here's How To Enter

Has the beginning of the school year got you down? Are you sorry to see summer days flit by as you and your crew wake up at the crack of dawn to catch the school bus? For many parents and kids, school days come with an additional hurdle: what to pack for lunch. The morning rush coupled with the challenge of figuring out an additional to-go meal can send many parents over the edge. Lunchables — ever a popular option among the younger set — is trying to take the edge off the school lunch struggle by offering an incentive for coming up with some creative collaboration. Rule-breaking students may be especially delighted to hear that this time, they could actually be rewarded for playing with their food (via Fox 29).

In case you're unfamiliar with the brand, Lunchables makes complete prepackaged lunches to go for kids, which typically include a protein, a carbohydrate, a drink, and a treat. Many people turn to them for their convenience and affordability, and many young students are big fans. Some popular Lunchables options include mini DIY pepperoni pizzas and crackers paired with cheese and cold cuts, but the brand's latest promotion has the potential to make this simple fare into something more artistic.

Getting your hot hands on some cold hard lunch money

Lunchables usually come in rectangular containers, but now, the snacks will serve as your building blocks for your newest creation — literally. In late August, Lunchables announced in an Instagram post that it would be giving away 25 prizes of $2,000 to people who can come up with the cleverest constructions made up of crackers, pretzels sticks, cheddar and mozzarella cheese... Or any other supplies you can find in a Lunchables pacakage. 

The rules for this contest are pretty straightforward, and the Instagram post provides the fine print: "Now through September 4, post your Lunchabuild with a caption explaining what inspired your creation and how you'd spend your $2,000." The company will select 25 "Lunchabuild" winners, who will each get a cash prize. In case you're not sure what that means and what it looks like, the Lunchables Instagram account has posted a number of ideas for inspiration, including a bicycle with Oreo wheels, a cracker-constructed Viking ship, and even a baby grand piano with mozzarella keys. Winners do have some limits on how to use their winnings; according to Adweek, the cash must be spent on "an educational experience."

Who knew messing around with your food could pave the way to an actual career path? That information should be very consoling to moms and dads alike. But — as moms everywhere would surely like to remind you — you know all that food you've been playing with? You still need to eat it.