These Uncommon Eggs Are Prompting A Flavor-Fueled Discussion On Reddit

When it comes to eggs, the possibilities are endless. All across the world, people use eggs in preparing some of the culinary favorites unique to their region. 

According to Taste Atlas, Eggs Benedict and deviled eggs rank among some of the most popular egg dishes in the United States. On the other hand, in Mexico, people like to make machaca con huevos — a mix of shredded beef, egg, peppers, onion, and tomatoes — while an eggy custard dessert called quindim is a favorite in Brazil (via CNN Travel). India has an egg curry (a recipe for which can be found in Padma Lakshmi's cookbook "All About Eggs"), North Africa loves to poach eggs in a peppery tomato sauce to make shakshuka, and Pakistan and Afghanistan cook up khagina -– a spice-filled scrambled egg arrangement.

However, perhaps some of the most well-known egg dishes come from Asia, including China's egg drop soup and egg tarts, the Philippines' fried quail eggs, and Japan's miso-cured eggs. Century eggs are also extremely popular, although, in the U.S., they can be a bit daunting to those who are unfamiliar. 

Reddit gives century eggs a big thumbs up

If you have ever seen a century egg, you have undoubtedly noticed that its whites are brown and gelatinous, with its yolk green. This is the result of the eggs being fermented for several weeks, or even a few months, according to MasterClass. Century eggs are creamy in texture and safe to eat, as they are not actually spoiled, despite their strange appearance.

One Reddit user took to the egg side of the internet after purchasing some century eggs, unsure of exactly what to do with them. Some shared their thoughts on the best ways to eat a century egg, with the simplest being to mix a bit of it with rice or tofu and drizzle it with soy sauce.

Others recommended eating century eggs with congee, a Chinese rice porridge, or with onions, kimchi, ginger, and/or vinegar. Because century eggs are very salty and have an acquired taste, many Redditors suggested starting with about a quarter of an egg first. Would you try this dish?