The Sad Reason Below Deck's Marcos Spaziani Became A Chef

The hit reality show "Below Deck," details a cast of colorful characters who drum up drama, romance, and sheer entertainment. "Below Deck: Sailing Yacht" debuted in 2020, Bravo reported, pulling back the veil on the crew of mega yacht Parsifal III.

"Sailing Yacht's" newest chef Marcos Spaziani has been cooking for more than a decade, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet, but he made his "Bravo" debut when "Sailing Yacht's" third season premiered in February. Bravo noted that Parsifal III's Captain Glenn Shephard praised Spaziani's work on the show, particularly his ability to adapt to specific dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free, and said he was one of the best chefs he's ever worked with.

When the show came to an end, the galley chef opened a restaurant in Downtown L.A., as well as a bar, and he has another bar in the works. While he's enjoying culinary success after the show, the journey to that destination was rife with turbulent seas.

Near-death experience helps Parsifal III's chef handle the heat

Chef Marcos Spaziani's career took off after his debut on the hit Bravo reality show "Below Deck: Sailing Yacht," but the route to success was anything but smooth sailing. The renowned chef got his start in Venezuela where he cooked for the president, Starcasm reports. When he left his position with the president, who was a dictator, he fled Venezuela, leaving his family, in fear of his life. He has not returned in almost 20 years. Interestingly, Venezuela is one of the places Anthony Bourdain never visited.

According to Show Star News, Spaziani has refugee status and received political asylum in the United States. When he spoke about his experience as a refugee on the show, he became emotional, expressing that he missed his family and his home.

It's plausible that Spaziani's experiences in Venezuela, and fleeing it, helped him stay cool and professional in the galley amid demands from high-maintenance charter guests and guests with highly specific dietary needs. We look forward to following the career of the seasoned chef and perhaps even seeing him on the tube again.