Milk Bar Just Dropped Three New Frozen Treats

The dessert section of certain grocery store locations is getting a little bit sweeter, thanks to new offerings by Milk Bar. Helmed by chef Christina Tosi, Milk Bar has managed to make a rich name since launching in 2008. Indeed, the cookbook author, decorated pastry chef, and "MasterChef" judge has managed to transform a once modest sweets bakery into an honest-to-goodness movement.

Per Eater, Tosi and Milk Bar have already heavily influenced the dessert space, both in the marketplace and at home. Many home chefs have started sprinkling a touch of sea salt on their brownies before baking, thanks to her influence. Still others had their eyes opened to the savory goodness of ingredients previously unheard of in dessert concoctions, like potato chips or pretzels.

Although Milk Bar's flagship stores and online presence already offer a generous helping of dessert options, the grocery market was limited until a couple of years ago. In April 2020, the brand began offering products like soft-baked cookies and crumb cakes for sale in retail establishments, per a company press release. In 2021, Milk Bar started selling ice cream pints in signature fun flavors. Now, a new and easy-to-enjoy treat is making its way into stores under the Milk Bar umbrella.

Batter Bites are the latest Milk Bar treat to hit store shelves

Several flavors of Batter Bites make up the fourth product line by Milk Bar. The treats are also the company's very first effort in the frozen novelties section, according to a company press release sent to Mashed.

The product was inspired by the Milk Bar cooking team's love of "sneaking a taste of the batter," when mixing up concoctions. Packed in freezer-friendly bags, the "poppable" treats are billed as "melt-in-mouth, pillowy bites," which are flavorful and have a fudge-like texture. Three flavors will be sold in the frozen section at all Whole Foods stores starting in September. They retail for $5.99 per package. They're also available in multi-pack form in the Milk Bar online store and can be purchased at the Los Angeles and New York flagship locations.

The Peanut Butter Pretzel Batter Bites are pretty much as advertised — crunchy pretzel pieces in peanut butter cookie dough. The Marshmallow Brownie flavor features marshmallow fudge pieces in "lush brownie batter," and the Gooey Butter Cake incorporates "buttery caramel pieces" in vanilla cake batter. Between these three flavors, it sounds like there's something for just about anyone.