Catie Duckworth

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Boston, Massachusetts
Dickinson College, Metropolitan College At Boston University
The Seafood Industry, Culinary Techniques, Social/cultural Food History
  • As the Julia Child Teaching Assistant for the Boston University Culinary Arts Program, Catie worked alongside some of New England's most esteemed chefs, including world-renowned French chef Jacques Pépin.
  • In Fall 2019, Catie won the Rebecca Alssid Award in Culinary Arts (granted by the Mary Ann Esposito Foundation) for her research and presentation of a four-course meal focused on Tuscan cuisine.
  • Catie develops seafood recipes for Wulf's Fish out of their Boston test kitchen, working with classic fish like salmon and cod to specialty species like black cod and kampachi.


In 2018, Catie started her blog, Catie Cooks, which launched her career in the food industry. She continues to post original recipes and other food content on her site. Catie has been working in the Boston food scene since 2019 receiving on-site training from chefs at teaching kitchens, restaurants, and catering venues. After three years of working for the Culinary Arts Program at Boston University, where she is also an alum, Catie now co-manages the e-commerce division of Wulf's Fish, a Boston seafood company. She leads the marketing efforts, writing promotional content including newsletters, recipes, and blogs.


Catie received a Master of Arts in Gastronomy and a Certificate in Culinary Arts from Boston University Metropolitan College, where she took classes in food history, food writing, food policy, and more. She combines her culinary knowledge with historical and social studies to gain a deeper understanding of the role that food plays in culture and society.
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