Bill Gates' Restaurant Ordering Tactics Are Being Torn Apart

While having a celebrity at your restaurant may be a dream for some, some celebrities have rubbed staff the wrong way.  While he may not have been kicked out of a restaurant, one server is calling out Bill Gates for his allegedly extravagant restaurant requests and for leaving a disappointing tip. 

The server called out the billionaire after one Twitter user lauded Gates for his low-key behavior. Gates was spotted standing in a queue outside Dick's Burgers in Seattle by one Twitter user. Impressed by the seeming humility of one of the richest persons in the world, they wrote: "When you're worth $82.4 billion, casually dressed, you don't need 'swag' to prove you're ridiculously rich. He runs the largest charity in the world, & still stand in line like the rest of us, for burger, fries & Coke...that's how real winners behave."

The server, who claimed to have served Gates at a restaurant, however, wasn't so impressed. Recalling the billionaire's ordering tactics at their restaurant, the server wrote that Gates "requires a high level of service and makes you clear out a whole section of a restaurant and put up visual blockers so regular customers don't bother him. Highly customized and complex orders, sends things back." Much to the restaurant staff's chagrin, Gates reportedly only left a 15% tip for the troubles.

The great tip debate ensues

Where tips are mentioned, debates tend to ensue. When it comes to tipping etiquette, a 15% tip is generally thought to be standard for average service, so Gates' 15% tip doesn't seem all that scandalous as some Twitter users point out. Then again, 15% tips are left for normal, average dining experiences. Gates reportedly asked for a dining experience that was anything but ordinary. 

As one user observed, "He demanded above stands service because he's rich, so yes, he needs to tip more than the standard also. It's not hard." Some wondered whether it was the quality of service that may have warranted the seemingly paltry tip to which, the server said that Gates left the same amount of tip to other servers every time he dined there.

Apparently, this wasn't an isolated incident. In an interview with Newsweek, Jordi Cruz revealed that Gates booked out his restaurant in Spain for two days. For the occasion, Cruz and his team prepared to serve the billionaire some items from their menu. Cruz said, "We had prepared the best and biggest for him and his team. And do you know what Bill did? He ordered a Diet Coke and went back to his plane."