The Latest Scrambled Egg Trend Sounds Like A Texture Nightmare

When made correctly, scrambled eggs are deliciously soft and moist with a light and airy texture, so each morsel melts as soon as it hits the tongue. Since perfectly cooked scrambled eggs are usually silky and delicate, adding ingredients requires thoughtful contemplation. Adding too much milk, cream, or other liquids can turn scrambled eggs into wet and chewy curds, pre-shredded cheese can quickly dry the eggs out, and even something as simple as salt can have a profound effect when added at the wrong stage.

Making scrambled eggs requires care: Choose the wrong ingredients, and you'll end up with a texture nightmare. As it turns out, this is precisely the complaint some have with a scrambled egg trend making the rounds on social media. According to a TikTok video, toasting panko breadcrumbs and butter before adding whisked eggs with cheese is the trick to making "legendary" scrambled eggs.

Taking inspiration from a recipe that uses leftover egg wash and breadcrumbs from making chicken schnitzels, the TikToker says the eggs are "just this brown buttery cheesy scramble with pops of crispy panko." Netizens, however, are not so sure. "Any crunch in scramble and I gag," wrote one user, adding that it's an unpleasant reminder of accidentally finding eggshells in a scramble. As for another user, they were okay with using up extra eggwash with breadcrumbs to avoid food waste, but adding panko to a scramble voluntarily wasn't something they could get behind.

The jury is on the fence about this scrambled egg trend

Some users certainly agree with the TikToker's claim that they never want to eat scrambled eggs any other way ever again: "I can't stand scrambled eggs, but I love breadcrumbs. I tried this today, and I ate more scrambled eggs than I have in the past year. Love this!" vouched one user.


Let the record show this is my favourite 5 minute meal 🍳✨💭🧈🫶 #scrambledeggs

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All Recipes found that panko did add an irresistible crunch to the rich and cheesy scrambled eggs when testing this trend. For those who may find this a texture nightmare, the site suggests thinking of it as scrambled eggs on toast, except it's mixed together. The Kitchn, however, was not a fan of the texture. While the flavor was good, the most disappointing factor was that the panko didn't turn out to be crispy at all. The panko lost its toasted texture once the liquid eggs were added to the pan, turning it more soggy than crisp.

For those who like the concept of crispy breadcrumbs in cheesy scrambled eggs, there is a trick to use to ensure toasted panko in each bite. Remove some toasted panko from the pan before adding the egg mixture and set it aside for later. Once the eggs are cooked, sprinkle the rest of the toasted panko on top to make up for the lost texture in your soft scramble.