Lola Desmole

Photo of Lola Desmole
Paris, France
IEJ Paris
Cheese Boards, Home Cooking, Food History
  • Lola’s all-time favorite food to prepare is a cheese and charcuterie board. She’s done more than she can count.
  • Although it hasn’t been officially recognized as such, Lola believes she has had the best croissant in Paris and recommends it every chance she gets.
  • She started freelance writing while attending college in Paris and would use the extra money to eat some good old American fast food to remind her of home.


Lola likes to talk as much as she likes to write and has worked in print, web, and radio journalism for over five years. She’s worked in France and in the United States and has been writing freelance in everything ranging from Food, Interior Design, and Art. She's worked for Whitewall Magazine and 7x7 Bay Area, as well as House Digest.


Lola got her B.A. in Journalism from ISCPA in Paris and her M.A. in Lifestyle/Culture and Magazine Journalism from IEJ in Paris.
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