Unexpectedly Fancy Foods You Can Buy At The Dollar Store

The infamous dollar store is an icon of American consumerist culture. No matter how big or small, every city has one along its main roadway. When you need something quick to eat, stopping by your local dollar store exposes you to a world where just about every item is cheaper than what you might find at a big box store like Walmart or Target. But therein lies the misconception; because prices are low, everything at a dollar store must be off-brand and basic, right?

This belief couldn't be further from the truth. Sure, dollar stores are not bastions of fine dining and cuisine, but there are diamonds in the rough. Fancy is a subjective term, but it is possible to find foods that transcend the endless aisles of mediocrity. Whether you're inviting your partner over for a romantic date night or want to put together elegant, edible gift baskets for wedding guests, the dollar store can help you make the occasion special without breaking the bank.

So don't fret if you forgot to buy your partner's favorite box of chocolates from the nearest supermarket 40 minutes away. Chances are, you've probably got a dollar store just around the corner that offers something just as fancy and sublime.

Sun Best Apple Cinnamon Pastry Crisps

In the 21st century, healthy eating is the biggest trend. So when you're itching to snack on something delicate and light, Sun Best's apple cinnamon pastry crisps have you covered. You'll feel like British royalty snacking on one of these, and at only 100 calories per serving, you can go ahead and indulge your hunger pangs. This tantalizing creation marries the wholesome goodness of Granny Smith apples with the comforting aroma of cinnamon. Bite-sized so you can hold it with your pinky out, the sweet and slightly tart flavor profile is sure to remind you of the autumn harvest.

When you take your first bite, it's not hard to see why this snack is so appealing. The dainty, flaky layers are truly divine and offer a pleasant crisp on the palate. But the luscious apple jam filling is the best part — not overly sweet, it's enjoyable to consume at any time of the day. This pastry is easy on the eyes too, featuring a golden brown crust, wavy vanilla drizzle, and tiny holes for a truly aromatic experience.

7 Days Soft Croissants

Just picture it. You're on vacation in Paris; it's morning and you're sitting at a fancy café with a view of the Eiffel Tower looming in the distance. Resting before you is a soft, warm buttery croissant on a plate. This is the visual you might imagine when tearing into a package of 7 Days soft croissants.

This delicate delight will captivate you with its golden flaky crust and rich melt-in-your-mouth interior. The aroma is just as promising as the texture. A quick whiff and the gastronomic pleasure will consume you. Heat it in the microwave or toaster oven for a warm and delectable eating experience.

The surprise highlight of this fancy French treat is the filling. Offered with a vanilla or chocolate-flavored middle, the creamy goodness that spills out as you take a bite makes this the perfect treat for breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack. All you're missing is a cup of coffee or tea. Pain au chocolat for one, please.

Chicken of the Sea Wild-Caught Skinless and Boneless Pink Salmon

Fish might not immediately come to mind when considering what you can grab from the dollar store, but you would be surprised at the fancy feasts you can put together with Chicken of the Sea's skinless and boneless pink salmon. From creamy salmon chowder to a fluffy salmon souffle or hearty salmon rice bowl, this versatile Dollar Tree jewel of the sea would leave your family none the wiser.

Don't be fooled by the portable packaging. This pink salmon offers hues of blush and coral, with a freshness as though it's just been pulled from the ocean's depths. The cheap price tag belies a buttery tenderness only authentic wild-caught salmon can deliver. There's a natural richness that's succulent and inviting, with a satisfying and flaky consistency that provides the perfect textural balance with each bite.

Whether you need to put together a quick dinner or you're hungry for a snack on the go, this fancy oceanic delicacy is not only delicious but healthy. High in protein and low in calories, you can feel good about putting this pink salmon in your body. The healthy fats and zinc content will help you get that second wind of energy to push through the day. And it's pre-cooked, so preparation is a breeze.

Wines, Sangrias, and Champagnes

Who says you can't fine dine on a budget with a nice bottle of wine? Maybe you've had a long day at work and want to wind down with a glass of Moscato. Wine goes great with a tasty charcuterie board when entertaining guests or during a romantic date night dinner at home. Family Dollar has a wide variety of wines, sangrias, and champagnes to set whatever mood you need.

Wine is a timeless accompaniment, so navigating an alluring array to try is always a fun journey. The sweet red blend from Carlo Rossi or the cabernet sauvignon from Liberty Creek will surely satiate your palate with a burst of flavor. The raspberry sangria from Carlo Rossi is nothing short of ambrosial, while lively notes of citrus and the seductive sweetness of peaches are ever present in Gallo Family Vineyards' red Moscato wine. 

Have you got a taste for white wine instead? There's no shortage of options here, either. Barefoot Cellars' Moscato and pinot grigio may offer that crisp flavor profile you're looking for, and Liberty Creek's chardonnay will hit the spot too. And if you want something truly classic and romantic, Andre's extra dry champagne sparkling wine is slightly sweet with fresh, subtle layers of pear and apple. Cheers!

Sunny Sea Oysters

Arguably the most surprising culinary delicacy you can find at a dollar store, oysters are a unique option that tantalizes the senses with a one-of-a-kind taste that evokes briny sea breezes. Oysters are like caviar; they're not for everyone, but once you acquire a taste for them, Sunny Sea's boiled or smoked oysters will set the stage for a fancy feast.

If you're looking for standard fare, then boiled oysters are the ones for you. Refined yet simple, these oysters come preserved in salted water, adding a savory note. At only 70 calories per serving, this low-calorie, low-carb dish is excellent as a snack. Or, serve it in a dish such as an oyster casserole or oyster stew to allow the flavors to pop. Even a quick moment on the grill offers a smoky tenderness that's satisfying to bite into.

When you're ready to switch it up, try Sunny Sea's smoked oysters in sunflower oil, which have a subtle, neutral flavor profile. The slightly nutty undertone complements the salty freshness of the oysters, ensuring that no matter which product you choose, you're sure to have a delectable experience.

Danish Pastries

You can get a taste of Danish tradition with Hostess's cherry cheese round danish or classic Danish style butter flavored cookies — you know, the ones that come in the famous blue tin container. These delectable creations are an affordable representation of Danish culinary opulence and a testament to the country's pastry craftsmanship. The Danish-style butter cookies are offered in five shapes, with a buttery crunch that highlights their simplistic decadence.

Hostess is to American pastries as sugar is to sweets. This brand is widely popular for its many cavity-inducing pastries, but its cherry cheese Danish is a true delicacy when you need to satiate your sweet tooth. The golden brown crust with the vanilla drizzle is wonderfully soft and divine. When you bite into it, your taste buds are inundated with a cherry and cream cheese filling that provides an appealing textural contrast to the fluffy baked breading. It's all delicious, or as the Danes say, "lækker!" 

Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Bar

The Italian brand has had a long and popular legacy since introducing its first product in 1982. You've likely seen the practically sensual Ferrero Rocher chocolate commercials featuring cascading waves of chocolate and people indulging in round balls of chocolate wrapped in lavish golden foil. Now is your chance to do the same with the brand's hazelnut milk chocolate bar. 

Ferrero Rocher is well-known as a fancy chocolate brand in the consumer market, so you know it's going to be good. This gilded chocolate bar features a crispy exterior and the aroma consumes your senses as you unwrap the glistening foil. An intoxicating mix of roasted hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa butter, and milk chocolate stands out. But, of course, it is the first bite that matters most when it comes to chocolate, and this inexpensive yet luxurious bar offers a harmonious fusion of textures. The crispiness of the hazelnuts blends with the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, making for a satisfying experience.

This chocolate bar is definitely on par with the brand's more recognizable chocolate bonbons, and the quality and price just can't be beaten. Even the golden foil will make you feel elegant and sophisticated. This isn't just regular chocolate — it's Ferrero Rocher.

Godiva Masterpieces Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion Of Belgium

A Belgium original since 1926, this almost century-old chocolate company has stood the test of time thanks to its high-quality ingredients and taste that will satisfy even the most staunch chocolate anti-fans. Once you hit that gooey caramel middle, it's game over. The Belgian coat of arms embossed on the chocolate genuinely embodies the majesty of the Belgian Royal Court.

The first bite welcomes you with a rich and smooth consistency. The texture is velvety and melts upon contact with your mouth, ensuring every morsel infiltrates your taste buds and compels you to go for another bite. A harmonious duet unfolds, with the chocolatey richness and sweet caramel working in perfect tandem. Expert-level confection craftsmanship went into the production of this Belgian chocolate. Combined with the legacy of Ferrero Rocher, you'll want to package these two chocolates together for a curated gift for a loved one. 

Clover Valley Maraschino Cherries

There are plain old cherries, and there are special maraschino cherries that are preserved, colored, and sweetened in a brine solution with food coloring and syrup. This unique process makes the cherries sweeter than their natural counterparts and offers a distinctive flavor profile that's almost like candy.

The best part about maraschino cherries is not exactly the fruit itself. On their own, they're not particularly fancy, but this versatile, bright red sweet treat is often used as a garnish. It adds a level of extravagant allure that elevates a dish to new heights, making it a lavish accompaniment for taste and aesthetics.

It is common to decorate cakes, pastries, parfaits, frozen yogurts, desserts, and even baked ham with maraschino cherries. Anything that already has an abundance of sugar and sweetness is fair game — these cherries just make everything better. There is a reason why people often refer to the best part as being, the cherry on top!

Edwards Original Whipped Cheesecake

Biased opinion here, but cheesecake is singlehandedly one of the best desserts to grace humankind. It can be a little pricey at boutique bakeries or national supermarkets though. Thankfully, Edwards' original whipped cheesecake is effortlessly decadent and fancy, and you can have it all for less than $8 as of August 2023, at your local Dollar General. This cheesecake is visually stunning, featuring a freshly baked golden brown cookie crumb crust and layers of velvety whipped filling. 

When you unveil this delicacy from its packaging, you'll sense creamy sweet vanilla aromas floating around you. But this aromatic experience is just the prelude, of course. Your first forkful will leave you in disbelief; it's airy, fluffy, and sweet, but substantial enough that each bite is satisfyingly rich and fulfilling. You aren't left feeling like the texture is flat, and as far as cheesecakes go, that's a good thing.

If the taste isn't enough to sell you, then you'll be pleased to know that this cheesecake has no artificial flavors, dyes, or high fructose corn syrup. Even better, it's made with real cream cheese and sour cream. Why not enjoy satiating your sweet tooth — seconds, anyone?

A.1 Original Sauce

Some of the most expensive and ritzy restaurants in the nation are steakhouses. From Ruth's Chris to Fleming's, these ultra-fancy eateries are the crème de la crème, and one steak can cost you upwards of $80. But if you're gonna splurge big for dinner, then consider sprucing up your steak with something equally fancy and prestigious — cue in A.1. original sauce.

This delectable brown sauce from Kraft Heinz has been the premier steak sauce for millions of meat eaters and enthusiasts across the globe since its wider introduction in the mid-1800s. Yes, this steak sauce is almost 200 years old. It has had a remarkable track record of adding the perfect savory, sour, sweet, and salty hints to any dish. It is practically a household name and often the first sauce people request when eating a steak. 

It goes beyond steak too, and this highly versatile condiment can complement just about any meal, from burgers to meatloaf to fajitas — the only limit is your imagination. Sometimes it just takes a little experimentation to find a new food that the A.1. original sauce elevates. There's only one thing you must always do before you pour it on: Shake well. 

Lotus Biscoff Tea Cookies

When the morning sun rises and a layer of cold air blankets the ground with a dewy frost, what better accompaniment is there for this peaceful hour than a hot cup of tea? But, do you know what perfectly compliments tea? A tea cookie. Whether you're hosting a fancy tea party with friends or starting your morning routine with a subtle hint of elegance, the Brits understood the assignment when they popularized tea and cookies, which they call biscuits, across the pond. Sit back, relax, and savor every bite of a Biscoff tea cookie, a versatile and delicate treat you can enjoy anytime.

These cookies offer a sweet flavor profile with hints of brown sugar and cinnamon. They taste great with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, too, but if you want to enjoy them on their own, go for it; you won't be disappointed. Even the tantalizing aroma will fill you with a warm feeling of comfort and coziness. And, with no GMOs, these vegan-friendly cookies can satiate anyone's sweet tooth.

Yogurt-Covered Cranberries

In the realm of fine snacking, elegance need not come at an exorbitant price or in a glossy, gilded package. Natural Craving's yogurt-covered cranberries redefine the notion of sophistication, proving that luxury can be found in the most unexpected places. These delectable morsels are like an invitation to the masquerade ball where you can relish the finer things in life without breaking the bank. It only takes a handful of these to elevate your snacking experience to a level of refined, edible pleasure.

These delicate treats are adorned in a layer of velvety yogurt that melts in your mouth, revealing a burst of berry flavor. The tartness of the cranberry blends seamlessly with the creamy sweetness of the yogurt for the perfect duet. You don't have to venture into an upscale boutique to enjoy these. Their accessible nature makes them all the more alluring as they beckon to you from the aisles of your local Five Below for only $4 (as of September 2023).

Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Truffle Bar

Around the world, truffles are an opulent treat known for a rich and incredibly creamy flavor profile. Since 1845, Lindt, a Swiss-based chocolate brand, has offered the world an irresistible array of truffles to enjoy. But, the white chocolate truffle bar is truly a divine masterpiece you can treat to yourself or that special person in your life. No matter the occasion, this a candy you can count on to make you feel posh, like royalty.

The best part about this decadent treat is that you can share it with friends, so spread your fancy sensibilities to those around you. Break it into individual morsels to savor each bite and experience the rich, white-chocolate flavor and smooth texture. This is where high-end quality meets budget-friendly availability. It is only sumptuous in style, so you, too, can indulge in this gourmet chocolate. Lindt Lindor white chocolate truffle bar is truly a hidden treasure, an edible opportunity for you to relish in the pleasures of life's little luxuries.