What To Do If You Ever Hear A Code Orange At Walmart

It's a safe bet that when you hear an employee at a large-scale establishment giving the general public a warning over a loudspeaker, there's usually an initial feeling of panic invading your thoughts. According to Aiphone most intercom systems are used for three major reasons in market environments: to notify staff of the shipping and receiving of products, to ensure certain areas remain restricted, and to keep customers safe.

Walmart is one of the largest corporations in the world and with over 10,000 locations worldwide, the corporation seems to have a particular code for every single situation you can fathom. If you've ever been curious about what to do if you hear a 'code green' at Walmart, just know that it correlates to a hostage situation. While many of us are aware that a "code red" indicates a dangerous warning, a 'code red' at Walmart indicates fire.

Many people who work in the retail and service industries have special codes that aren't noted in any employee handbook. One look at Reddit provides you with hundreds of examples of personalized codes for varying places of business. While Walmart may have its own detailed list of specialized codes (per Broken Secrets), you may be left wondering what certain colors stand for at the cost-saving megastore.

The danger of a 'code orange'

While your mind may be contemplating what to do if you hear a 'code blue' at Walmart, knowing how to act if a "code orange" graces your ears is just as important. Common Cents Mom was able to uncover most of Walmart's special codes and according to the website, "code orange" indicates a chemical spill.

The four general steps to follow when faced with a chemical spill are to announce the spill, limit the spill (safety permitting), block off the area around the hazard, and clean up accordingly (via Safety Management Group).

You may be thinking the chances of coming across a chemical hazard at Walmart are rare, yet Reddit proves otherwise. One employee's entire grocery section was blocked off due to a bleach spill in 2018 and in 2020, there were issues with management following protocol over another bleach incident. Whether or not you consider yourself a frequent Walmart shopper, staying in the know about the various warning signals in major stores guarantees a safer shopping experience.