Gordon Ramsay Has Some Strong Thoughts About The Use Of Pickles In This TikTok

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known equally for his culinary expertise and his colorful and brutal tirades on his hit cooking competition show, "Hell's Kitchen" — which was renewed for its 21st season, premiering on September 29. If you're looking for bite-sized rants and reactions to get revved up for the new season, look no further than Ramsay's TikTok account. 

Ramsay creates almost exclusively "duets," contributing side-by-side commentary about unusual and polarizing TikTok recipes by other creators. One of his top-viewed duets at 32.4 million views shows Ramsay yelling in disbelief over creator Sylvia Ferreira's double-beef cheeseburger with a chicken bun; in another, Ramsay scolds creator Andy's Life for not treating meat with respect, clocking at nearly 30 million views. His critiques and criticism are less lewd than his barrages on "Hell's Kitchen," but tend to be equally as passionate and entertaining. In his most recent TikTok, he expressed some strong thoughts about @howtobasics' "perfect cheeseburger".

Ramsay's half-sour comments

At first, nothing seems unusual about this burger. In his TikTok duet, Gordon Ramsay offers some standard, exasperated commentary. "Oh no, not the burger tutorial," Ramsay says. "Toast the bun, toast the bun you'll have soggy bread!" He goes on to critique the overcooked burger patty as mustard, ketchup, and onions are piled on top. Then, things start to take a turn.

Pickle coins are added one at a time and Ramsay calmly asks for it to stop after the fifth coin. But the pickles don't stop there. Like an avalanche, a tumbling mountain of pickles buries the burger. "Stop there," Ramsay yells, pleading. "Stop th-, are you pickled?" The pickles continue to pour down, covering the countertop. Then the top bun is placed on the mound of pickles and the "burger" is lifted from the sea of pickles. "No, kid, you'll get ulcers," Ramsay shouted. "Stop it!"

This comedic "burger" of pickles with a smidge of beef gets Ramsay pretty worked up, but even the most enthusiastic pickle-lover might agree that the ratio is off. If it's more beef Ramsay wants, he'll get that and more in another @howtobasic video about the "perfect beef burger," where the creator stacks an absurd number of patties on a bun to form a towering, meaty creation — hold the pickles.