Here Comes The Donug, Your Next Glorious Hangover Cure

These days, it seems like we can never have enough food items to enjoy. This constant need for more and more of everything has led to the emergence of food hybrids and cross-overs. The first food hybrids came in the form of cronuts and cruffins. The popular cronut is a cross between a croissant and a donut, invented by pastry chef Dominique Ansel in his NYC-based bakery (via Definitions). The pastry is fried in oil and filled with cream. It was even proclaimed one of the best inventions of 2013, and unsurprisingly, the cronut became imitated and recreated across the globe (per Time). 

On the other hand, cruffin, a hybrid of a croissant and a muffin that's filled with anything from cream and chocolate to fruit and jelly, was invented by Kate Reid in Melbourne, also in 2013 (via 196Flavors). But Insider reports that there are many other food hybrids, from turducken (a combination of turkey, duck, and chicken) to ramen burgers and sushi burritos. And one savory cross-over food is being praised as the next hangover cure.

Donug is a hybrid of donuts and chicken nuggets

Have you ever heard of the donug? US Weekly says that this hybrid of a donut and a chicken nugget was invented by a Scottish man, Crag Carrick, and it's been praised as "the perfect hangover food." Carrick and his wife Rachel Dutton presented the invention on "Shark Tank" in Australia (via Triple M). It consists of chicken meat, spices, cornflakes, and panko coating. The ring-shaped donug is accompanied by three different sauces: one with dijon bechamel, another one with Japanese curry and mozzarella cheese, and the final one is a spicy sauce based on hot peppers. 

Carrick claims that he doesn't want to change the world with the donug, but to give people something fun and easy to eat. The inventor wants the donugs offered at "every sporting ground, every servo, every fish-and-chip shop," and we might only join him in his wishes because it looks pretty delicious. All that's left to see is whether it will cure our hangovers after a wild night out.