The Giada De Laurentiis Skewers Instagram Wants To Make For Dinner

At first blush, skewers appear to be one of the simplest things to make. You grab some vegetables and some meat, or maybe some fruit if you're craving Hawaiian chicken, jab them with a stick, and throw them on the grill. It seems like anyone can do it and produce passable results.

It's true that the average person can throw together some veggie kabobs without causing any major flavor disasters, but a truly artful skewer requires knowledge, preparation, and forethought. For example, there's a whole debate on the Chef Talk forum discussing how to make an edible skewer, which turned into a discussion about which type of wood a skewer should be made from. For those curious, the general advice is bamboo or rosemary if you want less flavor. Then there's the argument for how many skewers should be used when grilling, with two seemingly the perfect number.

Beyond the skewer itself, it's also necessary to position the finished product in its proper place on the grill. Then there's determining a flavor profile, which is where TV chef Giada De Laurentiis has joined the fray. She's taken to Instagram with her skewer creations and is offering up a few ideas for both meats and seasonings to add.

De Laurentiis' skewers shine with deli meat and pesto

Giada De Laurentiis is known for turning the simple into the extraordinary. She's taken the humble chicken thigh and marinaded it into magic. She's even pumped up pasta primavera, perhaps one of the most revised and refined dishes in the world. Now, via Instagram, she's moving away from the kitchen and heading to the grill, where she's got something to say about zucchini skewers.

Her advice for making "grilled zucchini skewers even better" comes down to two primary ingredients — "pesto and prosciutto" — and it seems the internet agrees with her. "Everything is better with prosciutto!!!," said one commenter while another exclaims, "This looks and sounds so yummy!! I'm trying it!"

Though most lauded her ingredients, there was one person who seemed to feel that the chef wasn't exactly clear on how much grilling was required when grilling. "Grilled?" they queried in disbelief, "They look more like they were passed over a candle flame." Indeed, the picture does show zucchini which seems a little raw, so anyone attempting these who prefers their skewers more charred might want to let flames kiss them a little longer.