Mashed's Exclusive Survey Uncovers The Most Iconic Product Placement In A Show Or Movie

If you're watching a movie and spot a notable fast food chain sign in the background, or see a soda in a character's hand with its label conspicuously turned towards the camera, make no mistake: These name-brand cameos are quite intentional on the part of producers and food brands. They're all examples of product placement, a strategy where production companies are paid to include references to brands in their movies and shows, and this advertising can appear in many forms. Whether benignly placed in the scene or scripted to mock their own existence, product placements do make an impact, staying forever linked with the movies themselves. In an exclusive poll, Mashed asked their readers to vote for the most iconic movie product placements ever.

Of the 599 respondents, 7.51% chose the Subway sandwich scene in "Happy Gilmore" (via YouTube) when Adam Sandler's Gilmore (after losing a fight to game show host Bob Barker) practically winks at the camera as he rakes in the cash for his promotion of Subway's Cold Cut Combo. Another movie scene, chosen by 12.52% of those polled is from Disney's "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids." A box of Cheerios sits on the table, but more memorably, the father played by Rick Moranis nearly eats one of his own kids who's swimming in the bowl of cereal!

An extraterrestrial was seen as extra special

Another nostalgic movie was chosen by 14.52% of Mashed respondents for its product placement: the Pepsi moment from "Wayne's World" (Via YouTube). The scene is part of a string of intentionally-ironic product spotlights, as Mike Myer's Wayne refuses to sell out for sponsors (while smirkingly eating Pizza Hut pizza and Doritos). It's not just '80s and '90s movies that stick in peoples' memories though: 19.03% of those polled chose a moment from Netflix's "Stranger Things." No, not Eleven's love of Eggo Waffles; Lucas' campy enjoyment of New Coke got the nod. (Via YouTube). Coca-Cola's attempt to revamp its star soda is considered one of the biggest marketing fails of all time, making Lucas' earnest defense of New Coke especially ridiculous.

It was clear from the feedback to Mashed's poll that one product placement scene reigns supreme, even 40 years after its debut. A whopping 46.41% of those polled chose "E.T. the Extraterrestrial" as having the most iconic product placement, and that product is, of course, Reese's Pieces. The movie was a blockbuster when it opened in 1982. So not surprisingly, after watching Elliott share those little peanut butter treats with E.T., viewers raced to the candy aisle – and sales for Reese's Pieces shot up 65%.

The poll results drive home the fact that these movie/product scenes hold a lot of memories ... and make a whole lot of money.