Shake Shack Is Launching 'Hot Ones' Menu Items

If you want to build up your spice tolerance, it's important to start slow instead of jumping to the spiciest pepper you can get your hands on. But on the YouTube series "Hot Ones," celebrities quickly move up and scale and eat progressively hotter sauces with chicken wings. Andrew Rea shared what it was like being on "Hot Ones," and if you want a taste of what it's like to be on the show, there's a "Hot Ones" menu out now.

Earlier today, Shake Shack shared an Instagram post that revealed its next partnership would be with "Hot Ones," and the burger chain will have a limited-time "Hot Ones" menu filled with spicy creations that customers can enjoy nationwide. Ready to give these new spicy burgers and fries a taste? Shake Shack announced on its website that the "Hot Ones" menu arrives in-store on September 16, but customers can get early access to menu items through the Shake Shack app beginning September 13.

The 'Hot Ones' menu is bringing the heat and flavor

Since this menu collaborates with "Hot Ones," you can expect the food to pack a bit of heat. According to Shake Shack, these new menu items include the chain restaurant's classic favorites — with some spice. It's no surprise that the menu includes a burger called the "Hot Ones" Burger, which has applewood bacon, cheese, and a "Hot Ones" Spicy ShackSauce.

Previously, Shake Shack turned up the heat with its Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, and another spicy chicken sandwich will be a part of the "Hot Ones" menu. The "Hot Ones" Chicken Sandwich has the same toppings as the "Hot Ones" Burger, but the sandwich has a piece of breaded white meat chicken instead of a beef patty. Finally, there are two options for fries: the "Hot Ones" Cheese Fries and the "Hot Ones" Bacon Cheese Fries. Both come with Shake Shack's usual cheese sauce with Aleppo pepper and a side of the "Hot Ones" Spicy ShackSauce.

Additionally, if you're confident in your spice tolerance, you can order a packet of The Last Dab: Apollo, which is made with Apollo peppers and is the "hottest sauce to date." Shake Shack doesn't say what exactly is in the Spicy ShackSauce, so it's hard to say how much heat it'll pack. Luckily, you can always order one of their new fall milkshakes, per The Street, if the sauce is too hot for your taste.