The Plant-Based Frozen Aldi Desserts That Are Taking Over Instagram

What's better than ice cream? How about a plant-based take on the delicious frozen dessert? While ice cream is enjoyed in different ways around the world, there's something to be said about taking a more health-conscious approach to the creamy concoction without sacrificing the taste, flavor, and let's be honest – the sugar and calories that come along with it.

With today's technology and ever-evolving food industry, more people are taking to plant-based diets for various reasons. Plant-based products racked in over $7 billion in 2021 and grew at a rate three times greater than the growth rate for total food sales in the U.S. (via Supermarket News). From plant-based meat alternatives to milk and dairy substitutes, the movement is growing and evolving each year to bring new delicious and tasty products to customers around the world.

A pioneer within the grocery sector in providing plant-based products is your friendly neighborhood Aldi, which just launched its latest plant-based food creation.

Yummy plant-based ice cream

Aldi has released Earth Grown plant-based ice cream to its shelves, according to @aldifavoritefinds on Instagram. The vegan frozen desserts are oat-based, meaning they're all completely dairy-free. Aldi customers can go to their local store and find Earth Grown's plant-based ice cream varieties, including ice cream sandwiches that come in vanilla and cocoa or vanilla and chocolate chip, quart-sized scoop-able ice cream, including cold brew, vanilla cookie chip, and strawberry flavors, and frozen "Jonny Pops" that come in chocolate fudge and salted caramel. 

"Aldi is becoming my fav place for plant-based groceries!" said a commenter on the Instagram post. "I tried the strawberry and I never would have known it was oat milk and not dairy," said another user. "The vanilla chocolate chip one is sooo good," another commenter raved. Major ice cream brownie points to Aldi for stocking their shelves with these new plant-based frozen desserts and allowing its customers to try ice cream in fun new ways.