The 'Breakfast Box' King Charles III Takes Everywhere

Although it goes without saying that different countries have different breakfast preferences, many of us don't give any thought as to what these differences could be. For instance, in the United States, the top three breakfast items are eggs, coffee, and cereal (via Food Network). Almost seems kind of boring, right? England, on the other hand, has a top three of fried eggs, bacon, and sausage, according to HuffPost.

Some of us may have expected that Americans would have the second set of three as their top breakfast picks — after all, Americans are eating more fatty foods than fruits and veggies (per Vox). To make matters even more confusing, England's royal family is known to enjoy a rather simple breakfast, with Queen Elizabeth II eating the same cereal every day. That cereal? Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.

The breakfast choices of King Charles III are no more extravagant than those of his late mother, though a former royal chef does hint at a bit of variety. In fact, the king has a designated "breakfast box" that provides him with several choices on any given day.

What's in King Charles III's special breakfast box?

According to MyLondon, King Charles III has always been very specific about his food preferences, to the point of handpicking his own organic produce. Seems reasonable enough, right? We all have our favorite foods, sure, but King Charles III takes it to a whole new level by carrying his own "breakfast box" on his travels.

In 2019, YouTube channel Real Royalty posted a video about the "Secrets of the Queen's Kitchen." Today, the video has more than 4.7 million views, as the world can't help but wonder what the royal family eats, particularly what the king has in that box. 

Per one former chef interviewed in the video, King Charles III would much rather have a light breakfast of bread, fruit, and juice than the traditional English breakfast. The box contains "six different types of honey, some special mueslis, his dried fruits, and anything that's a bit special that he is a bit fussy about." That seems like a lot of honey, but hey, to each their own.