Wendy's Relatable The Bear Meme Has Twitter Cracking Up

With the majority of food shows these days being in the style of a competition or reality program, many people have found FX's "The Bear" to be a refreshing and realistic on-screen take on the restaurant scene. The fictitious series follows Carmen Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White), a talented New York City chef who returns to his hometown of Chicago to run his family's restaurant following the death of his brother (via IMDb). As you can probably imagine, Berzatto's Italian beef sandwich-slinging family eatery, The Original Beef of Chicagoland, functions much differently than the fine dining establishments he's used to, causing a bit of chaos in the kitchen.

The series has been met with considerable praise since its June 23 debut and was quickly picked up for a second season. However, it seems that no amount of critical acclaim could stop "The Bear" from getting meme-ified by the netizens of the world, and recently, a new virtual joke about the program has been circulating the web.

Known as "Carmy In The Kitchen," the meme contains a shot of Allen's Berzatto standing in the middle of his chaotic kitchen with a spoon in his hand and a "pensive and serious" look on his face (via Know Your Meme). The accompanying caption, meanwhile, typically details a simple meal made by the poster that doesn't quite match the expression on the chef's face, such as a PB&J or a frozen pizza, thus creating the joke.

Wendy's is inspiring creativity with its latest meme

Wendy's is best known for its iconic square burgers and Frosty treats. However, the fast food chain has also established a dominant social media presence over the years that has only added to its fame. Followers have not only seen the Wendy's Twitter account savagely roast its competition on the platform, but also partake in a number of viral meme trends, including the new "Carmy in the kitchen" meme inspired by FX's "The Bear." In a post uploaded to the restaurant's page on September 14, the chain's social media team shared the familiar still-image associated with the meme along with the caption: "y'all after asking for a half and half Frosty in the drive-thru."

The tweet, which has amassed over 6,400 likes as of this writing, resonated with several others on the app, including user @Oliolioxenfrito, who responded by saying the vanilla and chocolate Frosty combo was "simply the best choice." However, in addition to generating a few laughs, Wendy's post seems to have blown a few customers' minds, as well. "Highkey have never thought of this somehow," one Twitter user admitted, "If that's an option I'll take it," responded another follower (via Twitter).

Though probably not its intent, Wendy's take on the latest meme trend may have inadvertently ended up inspiring customers to get a bit creative with their orders. Hopefully, Wendy's employees will keep up with the theme of "The Bear" and respond to customers' requests with "Yes, chef."