The Potato Dish Princess Diana Loved At Highgrove

Many aspects of King Charles III of England's life are changing as he ascended to the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but it appears that visiting his beloved home at Highgrove House (which now belongs to Prince William) and the luxurious foods he refuses to eat might provide aspects of continuity. The King's first wife, the late Princess Diana, helped him make a home of Highgrove over four decades ago, and among the recollections that others have of her time on the estate was a favorite potato dish of hers.

According to itv News, King Charles took over management of the estate in 1980 and has used the house as a respite among his otherwise busy schedule leading up to the state funeral for Elizabeth II. Harpers Bazaar says when Charles married Diana in 1981, the new Princess of Wales joined him in the home. The BBC explains that it was the home for both Prince Harry and Prince William in their early years.

While Diana might have had her hands full with two young boys, she still reserved time to enjoy some of her favorite things, like an elaborate potato dish.

Jacket required for Diana's potatoes

"Real Royalty" on YouTube recounted several aspects of royal dining in Charles and Diana's household, including Charles' passion for organic produce and a rare pig breed. However, when she came into the home, the Princess introduced her own preferences. That included a "BJP," an acronym for baked jacket potatoes. The video features Chef Graham Newbould, who worked for the Prince and Princess of Wales at Highgrove House, explaining the dish.

Newbould demonstrates how he stuffs prawns smothered in cheese sauce inside the hollowed potato "jackets." The chefs working for the family would then place a soft poached egg on top. According to Newbould, he would pipe mashed potato around the rim of the potato jacket and then top it with more of the cheese sauce plus grated parmesan. To finish them, Newbould would place them in a hot oven for about 10 minutes.

The BJPs were just some of Princess Diana's favorite foods. Another YouTube video features Chef Darren McGrady recounting how the Princess enjoyed a great egg Suzette, lobster thermidor, and stuffed peppers. Taste of Home lists a tomato mousse and bread pudding among her dining delights as well.