The Simple Hack That Prevents You From Wasting Dry Baking Ingredients

If you've ever had to do a large, time-consuming bake that serves a hungry group of bread lovers, then you know there will be a full kitchen to clean in the aftermath. Sporting an apron covered in flour and other splashes of assorted ingredients, you take a step back to survey your counter tops before tackling clean-up duty. You huff at the mini mountains of leftover flour dusting your baking area and wonder if something could've been done about that. After all, it would be much less cleanup for you and more flour for future you to use in your next baking project.

The most frugal baker will save every little bit they can in an effort to reduce the food waste that goes on in the kitchen. With a mindset like this, you could end up saving some money and excessive trips to the store for more dry ingredients if you are an avid baker. Try this simple baking hack to salvage the fallout that inevitably happens when you're doing a lot of mixing.

Use wax paper to prevent waste

According to Cooking Light, this gem of a kitchen hack is one all gourmets should know. When measuring out your dry ingredients, you may be the type of baker to level out your cups so the flour or sugar falls right back into the bag or jar. If so, you're ahead of the game. But for the messy, fast-paced confectioner looking to save time, you may resort to scraping off the excess over the counter as you go.

It's hard to say whether all of the fallen flour can be swiped off the counter and reused, depending on how clean you keep your kitchen surfaces and what else has potentially gotten mixed into it. Your best option for saving what's left in its purest form is to lay down a sheet of wax paper in a designated area for measuring out your recipes. When you're finished or decide to move on to a different dry ingredient, simply take the wax paper and dump it back into its original container. Easier than pie.