The BLT Twist You Need To Try

Oh, the BLT sandwich — it never goes wrong. A satisfying meal that combines a touch of freshness, acidity, crunchiness, and a moisty taste from the mayo. Put scrambled eggs on it and make it breakfast, add turkey and have a high protein lunch. Or, go beyond the sandwich and play with your carb options and create a BLT pasta or baked potato. Or, make a vegan version of it with aquafaba. 

The options are endless with the classic BLT combination. But, there are those who like to respect the classics, but where's the fun? Get a little creative. If not feeling like adding or changing the classic BLT ingredients, continue with your trusted recipe but add an extra step. You'll normally grill or fry your bacon first — and what about the oil that remains? Don't discard it, reuse the bacon grease to toast your bread, as The Washington Post suggests.

Bacon grease will transform your BLT

As The Pioneer Woman describes, the bacon grease works great as a "flavor booster." This type of fat can be used for roasting veggies, frying burgers and meats, popping kettle corn, baking potatoes, and even becoming a delicious salad dressing

Bacon grease is a good substitute for oil or butter. As The Best Stop in Scott notes, it will keep any food from sticking to the sides of the pan and will bring an interesting sweet and savory flavor. Plus, Family Savvy states that it has less cholesterol and calories than other greases.

For the BLT sandwich, you will need to spread it over two slices of your choice of bread and grill it until golden (via The Washington Post). It gives your beloved BLT an extra touch of flavor! Store the bacon grease properly and keep discovering the wonders of this ingredient. Enjoy!