The Ice Cream Ordering Technique That Has TikTok Divided

Imagine that you're working in an ice cream shop, spending your time serving scoops and sundaes to all manner of people. It's not too backbreaking a job and the customers aren't bad — after all, who can you get upset with ice cream? One day, in between restocking the tub of rocky road, a family comes in. It doesn't seem unusual, considering a lot of families like to come in, but that's not what you don't expect. What you didn't expect was how they went about ordering their ice cream.

To say that customers and their orders can make or break an employee would be somewhat of an understatement, especially if you work in retail. On Reddit, fast food and service employees discussed horror stories of parents letting their kids run rampant in the eating area or screaming through the drive-thru speaker. Reader's Digest reports that simple actions like ordering clearly, being patient, and remaining courteous when it comes to your order.

Putting aside rude remarks and putdowns, there are other ways customers can act that some may consider charming. A fine example of a polarizing ordering method comes courtesy of how one family ordered their ice cream order — through a coordinated musical number (via TikTok).

Some are charmed by the Sharpe Family Singers

The Sharpe family uploaded a video to their TikTok account detailing how all five members of the family went out for ice cream. When the cashier asked what they would like, the family burst into song, complete with a synchronized dance routine, to list off their order while clapping to the beat. The Sharpe family, better known as the Sharpe Family Singers, are no strangers to uploading their musical performances on TikTok and have millions of followers who enjoy the whimsical content (via All Access Music). Some viewers of the video, however, saw the Sharpe family's display as being unnecessary and a waste of time for the cashier.

"Y'all would've been kindly escorted to the door ..." said one commenter. "I have so much secondhand humiliation," sympathized another. "I would walk out," quipped one user. "No way I'm encouraged narcissistic main character behavior." Others seemed to be charmed by the family's unconventional order, finding the family's choir-like harmony to be impressive despite the odd time and place. "Wow, I totally understand the guy from the store was completely blown away. But wow wow wow that was some good stuff," wrote one user. "Love this so much," another person wrote.

While the Sharpe Family Singers certainly meant no harm to the cashier and only thought it would be fun, it's clear some would have preferred that they acted like regular customers instead of putting on a spectacle.