A GBBO Season 10 Contestant Just Threw Major Shade At Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding is a funny guy and well-liked for it, which is why he gets paid. His career as a public figure predates his role in "The Great British Bake Off" (GBBO). The New York Times reported that as a comedian he became an "indie darling" while his time as a baking show co-host brought mainstream fame. Like the GBBO brand and its longest-standing judge, Paul Hollywood, Fielding has a history with the BBC.

Fielding previously made a mark on British TV with his role in BBC Three's "The Mighty Boosh." This show first aired in 2004 and lasted until 2007, per Vice, and even made it to Netflix. But the video streaming company axed it in June 2020 because a character played by Fielding required him to be in black makeup and wear a wig resembling dreadlocks below a top hat, says Hollywood Deadline. At this point, Fielding had already been a presenter on GBBO for three seasons, per Variety, cracking jokes, eating cake, and mingling with contestants who may throw shade. According to a Season 10 GBBO contestant, Fielding's humor didn't always work for the baking show, either.

Noel Fielding was described as distracting

According to Dan Chambers, a "Great British Bake Off" contestant from Season 10, many of the jokes Noel Fielding made during filming weren't suitable for the camera. He explained to Metro.co.uk, "A lot of the things that [Fielding] would say didn't make it in because he would just say anything he wanted to and it might not have been quite appropriate." Was he throwing shade at Fielding with his remarks?

Chambers, the first contestant to drop out of the competition, reportedly found Fielding to be entertaining but a bit distracting, too. Given the man's personality and the jumpers he wears, it is not surprising. Both Fielding and former host Sandi Toksvig were distracting, according to Chambers, who noted that he didn't have time to talk while competing.

In a special edition of the contest aired in 2021 (hosting cast members of the A Sin), the same adjective (distracting) found its way onto Fielding. Only this time he was grabbing the attention of fans, per the Express. What caused the conversation was the jumper he was wearing. However distracting or inappropriate his statements off camera may have been, his brand of humor apparently still landed with people. "He's so funny, he's like a big kid really," said Laura Adlington, a contestant on the show in 2020 (via Metro.co.uk).