The Cheap Yet Delicious Bar Drink That Never Fails

Let's be honest here. When you go out to a bar sometimes, you're there for one reason — a good stiff drink. You don't want to spend 20 bucks on some fancy cocktail or some overpriced IPA, but at the same time you don't want to be so cheap you get something the bartenders keep watered down either. What you want is just a good drink that's both cheap and that you can enjoy sipping on.

The answer, or at least, part of the answer, is rum. As Uproxx explains, while there are some pretty expensive rums out there, it doesn't need to be cask-aged like whiskeys or wines, so it's a bit more affordable than ordering a Manhattan made with imported two-decades-old bourbon. While a glass of straight rum is perfectly fine all by itself, it's also perfect for mixing with a wide variety of drinks. Chilled Magazine suggests additions like pineapple juice, iced tea, and Sweet Vermouth to a chilled glass of rum, while Rachael Ray recommends combining spiced rum, butter, honey, and brown sugar to make Hot Buttered Rum. Indeed, this liquor can be paired with many different flavors and other drinks to make a refreshing, tasty, and most importantly cheap, cocktail.

But there is one particular mix-in that almost always goes with rum, and it's both cheap and reliable when you're ready for a good night out.

The classic rum and Coke is a good choice

While a rum and Coke (or a Coke and rum, however you wish) may sound like a pretty plain drink compared to the wide variety of cocktails, it's actually a respectable drink for those looking to have a good time and still save a bit of cash.

According to bartender Jason O'Bryant via Robb Report, the cocktail of alcohol and soda is a great choice for two reasons — its flavor and its versatility. Unlike orange juice and iced tea, the sweet and somewhat acidic taste of Coke combined with rum helps to mask the "burn" of ethanol, allowing one to drink it very easily. Any kind of rum can be used for the drink as well, be it white, spiced, or dark rum, giving the drink much more flexibility than following a standard recipe. Rum and Coke is an inexpensive drink and can be a good choice for those who haven't dabbled in hard spirits yet.

As UpServe explains, if you want to make the best rum and Coke, you can experiment with fruit or extra ingredients, such as adding orange peels, lime, or mint. The one ingredient that can not be substituted or changed, however, is the Coke. It can be regular Coke or Mexican Coke, but it still must be quality Coke in order to make the drink as good as it can be. Sticking to your favorite rum and a can of Coke (or Pepsi) is as easy as it gets.