Would You Eat A Gummy Version Of Lunchables?

Ah, Lunchables. As a kid, there was something truly special about getting Lunchables. You had your choice of nachos, ham and cheese on crackers, and if you were lucky, chicken nuggets or pizza. While other kids at the lunch table were pulling out their sad little peanut butter sandwiches and cold cuts, you were the cool kid eating pizza and chugging a Capri-Sun. Kids would have traded anything to be in your spot.

Of course, some have had concerns about the nutritional value of these easy-to-pack lunch kits. CNN reported in 1997 that the high salt levels in the product had caused some concern among several medical researchers, while a contributor to The Huffington Post called the children's lunches "Trashables" and slammed them for feeding processed foods to children. Harsh words for something you get in a lunch box.

But humor us for a moment. Could you imagine how weird it would be if Lunchables released a new offering that was just pure candy? Well, it would seem that reality is stranger than fiction because a line of gummies has been announced.

You can build a Lunchables pizza made of gummy candy

According to a September 7 announcement (via PR Newswire), Kraft Heinz and Frankford Candy are releasing a twist on the usual Lunchables treat: All ingredients are made entirely from gummy candy. Two of Lunchables' most famous products, the build-your-own pizza and the ham and cheese crackers, have been reimagined as gummy treats with gummy pizza crusts, a liquid sauce packet, and gummy crackers. None of these candies taste like their counterparts and instead have a fruit flavor.

"Consumers are increasingly interested in experiences with favorite food brands that they can share with family and friends, and gummy candy is on fire right now," says Frankford Candy business director Molly Jacobson, who hoped that consumers would find the new gummy lunch to be as much fun to "build as it is to eat."

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time Kraft Heinz and Frankford Candy have collaborated. One such treat is a gummy version of Kraft Mac and Cheese, which places macaroni-shaped gummies in the classic Kraft blue box. The Impulsive Buy said the treat had a tropical, tangerine-like flavor with a hard-to-chew texture and joked that the gummies would be a perfect gag gift. Gummy Lunchables will be available at FiveBelow stores, Amazon, or Frankford Candy's website with a suggested retail price of $5, just in case you want to give your kid (or any friend who likes Lunchables) a surprise.