A Restaurant Owner Responded In The Best Way To An Employee's Harassment

Whether or not you have ever worked in the food industry, you are likely aware that customers can be downright awful to employees. To make matters worse, restaurant managers and owners do not always take their staff's side in these situations.

Luckily, this was not the case during a recent incident in the U.K. Among the many things restaurant employees hate about customers, inappropriate flirting or touching is a big one, which factored into Lily's discomfort with a party at the Cardiff restaurant Cora where she works. The 22-year-old server approached her boss, head chef and owner Lee Skeet, after a group of customers acted rudely and inappropriately toward her, according to National World.

In addition to treating Lily poorly throughout their meal, the group also failed to leave a tip on their £1000 bill ($1,350 U.S.) -– much like the Karen who didn't tip on a $650 food order in the United States. Skeet promptly reached out to the group, intending to refund their money, minus £100 for gratuity. However, he ultimately changed his mind and delivered a biting response.

The group of harassers was banned from a restaurant

Following "conversations with [Lily] that break [his] heart," Cora owner Lee Skeet emailed the group concerning their behavior. He confronted them on the fact that she was "talked down to, disrespected, and touched unwantedly" before thanking them for never returning to the restaurant again (via Bored Panda).

But after taking a day to reflect on his decision to refund their bill, Skeet had a better idea come to mind: He decided to keep their payment and give the entire £1000 ($1,350 U.S.) to Lily. In a subsequent Instagram post, the chef commended his employee, praising her "class and integrity" in handling the entire situation.

The story received a lot of press, inevitably going viral. While Skeet revealed just how proud he was of Lily on his Instagram — and we are, too — some praise is in order for the restaurant owner as well. There is no doubt that Lily is "literally an inspiration to so many people," but so is Lee Skeet for being one of the rare bosses who stick up for a staff member who was treated poorly and wronged.