The NFL Stadium That Offers The Most Expensive Beer

Put on your jerseys and slap on that foam finger because it's football season. You know what that means, don't you? High school games, watching the Thanksgiving game with your folks back home, remembering John Madden, and of course, insane stadium prices. For some of the prices they charge, you'd think your hot dog would be autographed.

Why do football stadiums charge so much for food anyway? Isn't thousands of people that crowd the aisles and private rooms enough to keep their profits up? According to MEL Magazine, the stadiums charge double digits for a drink because a good percentage of the concession stand's money goes to the NFL and sometimes players have a cut of factored into their contract. If they were to charge only a few bucks for a beer and a dog, they wouldn't be able to stay in business after everyone gets their cut. 

Of course, stadiums have tried to bring in more customers by offering lower prices for food and drinks. CNBC reported that in 2018, stadiums focused on selling $5 beer, $3 pretzels and popcorn, and $2 hot dogs in certain locations in a bid to reverse declining attendance. As inflation and other concerning economic factors continue to hang over the market, however, it seems you'll still be paying more than pocket change for a soft pretzel and a lager.

One stadium, in particular, has not just an expensive beer, but the most expensive beer in all of the NFL stadiums.

Philadelphia Eagles offers beer for just under $15

Philadelphia may bill itself as the "City of Brotherly Love," but that love doesn't extend far enough to offer you some cheap beer — at least, not if you're dealing with the Philadelphia Eagles. According to Food & Wine, the Eagles sells their beer at an incredible $14.67 dollars, just under $15. The second most expensive beer on the list was the Rams and Chargers, who sell their beer at $13.75.

How much will a $14 beer set you back in the long run? According to Bookies, the cheapest price for four Eagles tickets clocks in around $620, with parking fees at $40. Two 16-ounce beers come in at $29.33 while two 20-ounce sodas cost $11. Four hot dogs will run you up $24, and that's not including pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, or other refreshments. This means that, for four people, to attend a Philidelphia Eagles game could cost upwards of $724.33, give or take other purchases made. Such a steep price tag, however, doesn't compare to the San Francisco 49ers, who ask for $1,028.34 for a family of four to enjoy the same hot dogs, soda, and beer at their game. 

Some may argue that paying such a price is the cost to get to see the game in real-time, rather than sitting at home in front of your TV. While that's a fair argument, perhaps even the most hardcore Eagles fan will be cheering them on to victory with cheaper beer and snacks in their own home.