Whisky Fanatics Are Going To Love Monkey Shoulder's New Fragrance

A quick search on the internet will tell you that generally, no one likes to smell like alcohol. There are enough tricks on how to hide the previous night's drinking from your colleagues at work the next day to suggest that it's a pressing concern. Not only will your distinctly funky breath give you away, but the smell of alcohol also oozes out from your body through sweat as it leaves your system (via Men's Health). Those margaritas and martinis that you were knocking back last night will certainly not have the same fruity smell the next morning. All-in-all, alcohol is not something most people want to smell like. But that's not something a certain brand of whisky thinks.

In a statement released by Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky, the makers of the scotch whisky have announced that they're out to change the notion that you can't walk into a room smelling like your favorite spirit. "After years of bucking the stodginess of Scotch society and pushing folks to play with their whisky," the statement says, "Monkey Shoulder heeded their own advice and created a limited-edition soft scent of the hard stuff." So what exactly is Money Shoulder up to this time you ask? A fresh, whisky-inspired fragrance of course!

Joel McHale will partner with Monkey Shoulder once again

Created by Malt Master Brian Kinsman, Monkey Musk will feature all the fragrance notes that fans love in its namesake beverage. According to Kinsman, making a fragrance inspired by whisky is not a far-fetched idea. "The beautiful blend of Monkey Shoulder deserved to be replicated as a fragrance since it's made up of tasting notes you'd typically find in leading fragrances," he said.

The 100-ml Eau De Parfum selling for $33.33 a bottle on Monkey Shoulder's website, has notes of honey, vanilla, spiced oak, and zesty orange — same as the tasting notes of the beverage it's inspired by. To model the new fragrance, the brand has once again brought a trusty partner on board. Actor and comedian Joel McHale, who previously partnered with Monkey Shoulder on its "Stick It To Stuck Up" campaign to jazz up awkward first dates with a glass of whisky (via The Drum), returns to launch the fragrance.

According to the makers, McHale is just the person for Monkey Musk, bringing "his signature humor to a whisky that knows a thing or two about poking fun at pretentiousness." McHale told Rolling Stone that if the alcohol "smells great in a glass, just like an unlit cigar or the smell of chocolate or coffee beans ... why not rub that all over your body?" Why not indeed!