Are Butter Boards The Next Charcuterie Board?

Over the past few years, becoming the "hostess with the mostess" has much to do with your culinary prowess around a charcuterie board. Are your offerings esthetically pleasing? Do they present the right cheese to meat ratio? Are there cheeses of both the hard and soft variety? Yes, throwing a successful soirée means mastering the art of arranging an assortment of deli items on a slab of wood in a pleasing manner. It all sounds very strange, especially when you factor in that there are rules to follow when devising one of these blocks covered in food. 

For instance, how big should your charcuterie board be? MasterClass shares that a "24 by 24-inch board will serve approximately 25 people." What ingredients should you include? The Fix says your board should boast something that is already sliced, something that the party-goer needs to slice, and something that can be easily spread. Once you have selected the stars of your charcuterie masterpiece, how do you arrange them? Better Home & Gardens recommends placing your little condiment dishes first, adding large food items next, and then working your way down by size. Add some crackers, fruit, veggies, and whatever other tidbits you want to include and — ta-da — you have a collection of appetizers worthy of even the most upscale shindig. 

If you find creating the perfect charcuterie board a tad intimidating, don't worry. Meet the butter board, the charcuterie board's simpler cousin. 

The butter board is easier and less expensive

When TikTok user Justine Doiron posted a video of her fabulous butter board, the responses flew in. While many voiced concern over communal dishes during a pandemic, some thought the idea was brilliant. So, what exactly is a "butter board?" On her blog, Doiron explains that this unique take on "soft butter and warm bread" is more affordable than a charcuterie board. And it's certainly easier to construct. She says to begin by spreading the butter on your board like a canvas. Then add your flavoring. While her core ingredients remain flakey salt, zested lemon, and edible flowers, you can use any mix of herbs, spices, nuts, or condiments you enjoy. Just make sure that the flavors play well together. 

So, what's the whole point of a butter board? Think of it as a giant portion of butter-based dip that your guests can dunk their bread into. And, depending on how you lay out your ingredients, no two dunks will be alike. The flavor possibilities are only limited by what's in your pantry. One TikTok response suggested making one "with sweet topping for pancakes," while another said she opts for "pistachios or chopped pecan." Another creative poster suggested doing a "candy-roasted squash one with fall/spicy spices, roasted nuts and citrus." Others enthused over Doiron's bread-shaped board, which is pretty cool. 

Move over, charcuterie board with your expensive meats and cheeses. Make way for bread and butter — the newest party must-haves.