The Aldi Craft Beer Fries That Are Perfect For Football Season

If you're planning on settling in to catch your favorite pro team on your living room screen, making some snacks ahead of time will give you that much more time to focus on the plays. One discount grocery chain shoppers can find less-expensive snacks for on gameday is Aldi. According to a press release (via Business Wire), Aldi was just named the second top-ranked grocer (after Market Basket) for saving customers money during inflationary times based on a survey conducted by dunnhumby.

For anyone who hasn't shopped at Aldi, the chain has a lineup of frozen foods including appetizers, dessert, and everything in between. When tailgating at home, it doesn't take an offensive coordinator to determine that easy-to-share finger foods like French fries are a smart move. If you're watching the Colts this season, you may even get to glimpse players named French and Fries on the field this year like in this epic Twitter pic. One French fry option from Aldi, however, has fans excited — even if their team is off to a bad start this season.

McCain thin-cut beer battered fries has some loyal fans

Over on Instagram, user adventuresinaldi shared an image of McCain thin-cut craft beer-battered fries, writing, "Sunday football is here! Need a quick & yummy side?! These fries are awesome in the air fryer!!!" adding "You can find them in the Aldi finds freezers this week!" Followers cheered on the snack. One exclaimed, "Looks delicious!" and another rejoiced, "They finally appeared at my store! Yay!" Unfortunately, not everyone was so lucky. A hopeful shopper wrote, "I've looked at 2 aldis and still can't find these. I bet they're great!"

This isn't the first year these French fries have been around. Last year, YouTube user Coffee with Pips tested the McCain craft beer fries after cooking them in the oven and concluded, "I'd recommend these fries to everybody." Of course, McCain has been in the frozen French Fry game for some time. According to PR Newswire, the company was founded in Canada in 1957 (long before the Super Bowl was even invented, according to History), and the frozen food company is now the "world's largest manufacturer of frozen potato products."

For anyone with a little extra time before the next kickoff, McCain offers a few recipes to take its craft beer fries up a notch including one for Bacon-Glazed Beer Battered Fries and a Friday Night Fry Bar, which we're betting would taste just as good on Sunday afternoon.