What Happened To Just The Cheese After Shark Tank?

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"Shark Tank" is one of those primetime shows that almost anyone can immerse themselves in — and it turns out some of the best foods on the market have been popularized by the show. The sharks have invested in a number of food brands, but that doesn't mean they're not discerning: It takes a niche market and unique product to truly win the sharks over.

Enter Just the Cheese, a packaged snack company that produces bars essentially made only from cooked cheese. They're available in various flavors, including grilled cheese and jalapeño cheese. Wisconsinite David Scharfman appeared on the show in 2020 to sell his product to the sharks. The founder requested $500,000 for a 5% stake in his company, which had already done $3.7 million in sales in the first eight months of the year.

Although most of the sharks liked the product itself, all of them declined to make an offer except Kevin O'Leary (Mr. Wonderful), who offered $500,000 for a $0.20 royalty per bar sold, forever. Lori Greiner jumped back into the tank to offer $500,000 for a $0.15 royalty, and Mark Cuban returned to offer $500,000 for a 15% stake. Scharfman declined all offers and walked away without a deal. So, where is Just the Cheese now?

Just the Cheese still has a major brand presence

It's unusual for a "Shark Tank" entrepreneur to have three deals on the table from sharks — and it's even more unusual for an entrepreneur to walk away from all three of them. However, David Scharfman knew what was best for his business, and he ultimately has continued to be a presence in the grocery world despite not striking a deal. A quick Google search for "Just the Cheese" pulls up plenty of shopping results. The product is currently available at online grocery stores such as VitaCost and Cub.com, and Shark Tank Blog notes it's on shelves at "just about every major grocery chain." Plus, it's still for sale on Amazon, in different varieties and package sizes.

The keto-friendly treat has a website, too, where consumers can go to buy products directly from the company. Today, the cheese bars and bite-sized "minis" are available in five flavors: Aged cheddar, mild cheddar, white cheddar, grilled cheese, and jalapeño cheese. A package of 12 two-bar packs costs just under $24.

Just the Cheese is reportedly making millions in revenue

When Just the Cheese's David Scharfman appeared on "Shark Tank" in 2020, he said the company did $3.5 million in sales during its first year in business (via YouTube). He then added that Just the Cheese had done $3.7 million in the first two-thirds of the current year. According to Shark Tank Blog's 2022 update, the company comfortably earns around $4 million in total revenue each year, though Mashed could not independently verify those numbers. However, given Just the Cheese's sales before the "Shark Tank" appearance, $4 million doesn't seem outlandish.

Today, the cheesy Wisconsin brand very much still exists, and it has a number of fans. Just the Cheese currently has more than 9,000 Instagram followers, as well as 3,400 Facebook likes and 3,500 Facebook followers. According to its website, the brand has been featured in media outlets such as Food Network, Buzzfeed, Today, and The New York Times, and it's also a "Snack Safely" approved snack, meaning it's free of major allergens and is safe to consume in schools.