Why Best In Dough Is Host Wells Adams' Dream Gig

If you don't know yet, we are here to tell you about an exciting new food competition show that is premiering on Hulu throughout September and October. The new show, "Best in Dough," is a pizza cooking competition similar to The Food Network's "Chopped" but with a fascinating twist. This new cooking competition features chefs from around the world who specialize in making that tomatoey, cheesy, doughy pizza we all know and love. The show embraces the idea that although everyone may have different ideas about how a good pie is cooked, they all can come to the conclusion that pizza is delicious (via Hulu).

What makes this show even more exciting is the surprising host of the competition –– Wells Adams. You may be familiar with the name. Adams is the man audiences fell in love with while watching him look for love on "The Bachelorette." He then returned as the bartender and host for "Bachelor in Paradise." A familiar face is encouraging as we watch these eccentric pizza chefs cook off against each other to decide who makes the best pizza (and win $10,000).

Wells Adams loves pizza

In an interview with People, Wells Adams described his new gig as host of "Best in Dough” as a "dream job." Between all the pizza and different personalities, it's definitely a shift from what he's used to in Bachelor Nation. But he is a pizza lover, and being on the show allowed him to embrace that passion. According to Adams, being surrounded by pizzas made the job a lot of fun. He told the outlet, "I mean, who doesn't love a pizza party? I can honestly say, I've never had more fun (and gained more weight) than I did working on 'Best in Dough.'"

The first episode, which premiered on September 19, featured three nonnas (Italian for grandmothers) from different regions of Italy competing against each other to see whose pizza would come out on top. "The Nonnas were pretty freaking amazing. Nonna Alina is a TV star. She needs to have her own show," Adams told Distractify. For the most part, it seems Adams enjoys being able to try out good pizza and interacting with the different pizza chefs on the show. The experience makes for a dream come true. The first three episodes of "Best in Dough" are out on Hulu now. The rest will be released on September 26 and October 3.