Best In Dough: Release Date, Host, Judges, And More - Everything We Know So Far

While food shows seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays, with new ones premiering left and right, there is no denying the appeal they have with food fans. One upcoming series centers around a favorite dinner option often that also happens to be America's most popular drunken snack: pizza. While certainly not the first cooking competition show to focus on pizza (Remember "Pizza Wars" from First We Feast?), it certainly boasts some heated competition and esteemed hosts and guests.

Described as a pizza competition, "Best in Dough" is a new show that will be streamed on Hulu, brought forth by what the streaming service deems "the great unifier... the universal love of pizza." The show will feature 10 episodes filled with worthy competitors from across the U.S., oven-firing their way through themed challenges to win a $10,000 prize and prove their pizza the best, People reports. Here's what else we know about "Best in Dough."

When will 'Best in Dough' be released?

Pizza fans with a penchant for binge-watching their favorite shows will be happy to know that the streaming platform's drop date plans for "Best in Dough" aren't like those of other Hulu shows, such as "Only Murders in the Building," which only releases one episode per week. "Best in Dough" will debut on September 19 and last for 10 episodes, all airing on Mondays. As a perk, Hulu plans to release "three 30-minute episodes on its first two Mondays followed by four episodes during its third week," culminating in a final showdown on October 3, People explains.

"Best in Dough" seems to be just one on a running list of food shows Hulu is airing in the coming months. In June, Deadline announced that the streaming platform would be dropping four other brand-new culinary series. Among those shows is "Drag Me to Dinner," a drag-inspired cooking program hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, as well as "Secret Chef," a David Chang production in which renowned chefs blind-taste each other's food.

Who will host 'Best In Dough?'

When you think of food show hosts, you're most likely expecting to see a famous chef — or perhaps a food influencer, former cooking competition show winner, or even a comedian. What you probably don't expect, though, is a former "Bachelorette" contestant. Fans of "The Bachelorette" will be happy to know that Season 12 contestant Wells Adams, who also starred in Season 3 of "Bachelor in Paradise" and returned in Seasons 4 through 8 as the bartender, is going to be back onscreen as the host of "Best in Dough" (via Hulu).

This may be Adams' first time heading a culinary series, but he certainly has tons of hosting experience. Per People, Adams has a decade under his belt as the host of two iHeartRadio stations, not to mention his own podcast. Interestingly, the site also reports that Adams had previously admitted in his "Bachelorette" contestant biography that he didn't love pizza. While it's unclear what exactly the challenges of "Best in Dough" are going to be, maybe the biggest challenge contestants will face is turning Adams into a pizza lover!

Who are the judges of 'Best In Dough?'

Joining host Wells Adams on Hulu's new pizza competition show is chef Daniele Uditi, who will serve as head judge, per Hulu. The Naples-born, Los Angeles-based pizza pro is the chef of Pizzana and author of an all-things-sourdough cookbook, according to his website. Chef Uditi also happens to be a "master pizzaiolo" who specializes in Neapolitan pizza, which is explicitly defined by the rules of an association that promotes Neapolitan pizza worldwide: Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (via Homemade Pizza Pro). In summary, he knows his stuff.

Head judge Uditi will critique contestants' pies with the help of three more judges: Bryan Ford, Millie Peartree, and Eunji Kim. Per Deadline, Kim is a comedian as well as a food influencer, while Peartree is a restaurateur with a catering business whose famous cupcakes have been enjoyed at many a celebrity party (via Cherry Bombe). Further, Ford will bring his dough expertise to the table as a cookbook author on sourdough and baked goods.

Who will compete on 'Best In Dough?'

Hulu shared in an email sent to Mashed the list of "Best in Dough" contestants, who represent more than a dozen different states and a wide variety of specialties in the pizza arena. Each episode divides these contestants into categories based on their backgrounds, such as "nonnas," "pizza champs," and "fine dining." Notable professionals include Amanda Morris, who has previously appeared on "Supermarket Stakeout," and Leah Scurto, an award-winning pizza chef and owner of PizzaLeah in Windsor, California.

But the competition does not only feature prominent, trained chefs. Social media influencers are also tasked in one of the battles for the best dough, such as Scott Wiener — a New York-based pizza historian and columnist — and Shealyn Coniglio, an experienced pizza maker creating all sorts of pie-themed content. Joining their ranks will also be "college kids," mother-daughter duos, and even barbecue specialists. 

We don't yet know what specific pizza challenges these contestants will face, but based on the sheer talent and variety of the competition, they are sure to showcase an intense range of abilities and ideas. Considering Chef Uditi's connection to Neapolitan pizza, though, we're willing to bet that more than a few fluffy-crusted pies will be making an appearance on the judges' table.