Best In Dough: Release Date, Celebrity Host And More - What We Know So Far

There are all sorts of television food shows out there for all kinds of food show lovers: competition shows for adults and children alike, spicy drama-filled kitchen face-offs, educational travel-based food shows, friendly bake-offs, barbecue showdowns, cake fails, and more recently, an entire show on schooling pro chefs on chocolate with Amaury Guichon's "School of Chocolate."

What's been missing in the impressive array of food shows that major streaming channels regularly commission, is a cook-off on pizza. If there's one thing that the entire world has mostly in common, it's a love of pizza. After all, has anyone actually met someone who hates a good slice of pizza? So it's surprising that cooking competition shows on pizza have been pretty non-existent up until now.

However, there's major good news. Per Deadline, Hulu has announced its 10-episode cooking competition show titled "Best In Dough" wherein contestants compete on all-things-pizza for a $10,000 prize. While the streaming platform has thus far been relatively vague on the details of its brand new pizza competition show, here's what we were able to find out about it.

What is the release date of Best In Dough?

Although Hulu hasn't given out any details as to exactly when viewers can expect to watch "Best In Dough," Forbes reports that the show has been commissioned for 2022. So, it's likely that the new pizza competition show will air sometime next year.

In 2021, Hulu consistently released new food shows, from Gordon Ramsay's "American Road Trip" in January, to the festive "Candified: Home For The Holidays" in December (via Fixable). October 2021 was a particularly good time for Hulu's foodie subscribers, as the platform started hosting two shows that month: "Ugly Delicious" creators Morgan Neville and David Chang's "The Next Thing You Eat" and "Baker's Dozen," the baking competition hosted by actor Tamera Mowry-Housley and former White House Pastry Chef Bill Yosses. 

Although it seems unlikely that Hulu will air "Best In Dough" any time around the holidays considering its non-festive theme, it might be possible that the show will air sometime mid-2022. Until the streaming platform officially announces a release date for its newest show, fans will just have to eat tons of pizza and wait in anticipation.

Who will host Best In Dough?

When you think of food show hosts, you're most likely expecting to see a famous chef, maybe a food influencer, a comedian, a former cooking competition show winner, or even the familiar face of a host from another show. What you probably don't expect, is a former "Bachelorette" contestant.

"The Bachelorette" fans will be happy to know that Season 12 contestant Wells Adams, who also starred in Season 3 of "Bachelor in Paradise" and returned in Seasons 4- 7 as a bartender (via IMDb), is going to be back on the screens as "Best In Dough's" host (via Deadline).

It may be Adams' first time as a TV show host but he certainly has tons of hosting experience. Per People, Adams has a decade under his belt as host of two iHeartRadio stations, not to mention his own podcast. Interestingly, the site also reports that Adams had previously admitted in his "Bachelorette" contestant biography that he didn't love pizza. While it's unclear what the challenges of "Best In Dough" are going to be, maybe the biggest challenge contestants will face is turning Adams into a pizza lover!

Who are the judges of Best In Dough?

Joining host Wells Adams on Hulu's brand new pizza competition show is Chef Daniele Uditi (above), who will serve as head judge, according to Deadline. The Naples-born, LA-based pizza pro is the chef of Pizzana and author of an all-things-sourdough cookbook (via Chef Daniele Uditi's website). Chef Uditi also happens to be a "master pizzaiolo," who specializes in making Neapolitan Pizza, which is explicitly defined by the rules of an association that promotes the Neapolitan pizza worldwide: Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (via Homemade Pizza Pro).

Head judge Uditi is going to judge all the contestants with the help of two more judges: Chef Millie Peartree and Eunji Kim. Per Deadline, Kim is a comedian as well as a food influencer whereas Peartree is a successful restaurateur with a catering business whose famous cupcakes have been enjoyed at one too many celebrity parties (via Chef Millie Peartree's website).

Baker and author Bryan Ford rounds out the judging panel. If Ford's Instagram account is any indication, he bakes and eats tons of pizzas, supports his favorite local pizza shops, and is as big a pizza lover as pizza lovers come!

What challenges will contestants face on Best In Dough?

As of this writing, Hulu hasn't revealed the names of the contestants or given viewers details of what they might expect from the new show. However, according to a post for a casting call shared by head judge Chef Daniele Uditi on Instagram, viewers can expect to see a diverse group of pizza aficionados compete in each episode for a final prize of $10,000.

Contestants will likely include Italian Nonas, pizza influencers, Neapolitan pizza pros like Chef Uditi himself, children, pizza champions, home cooks, and fine dining chefs, with each group facing a series of challenges in their episode.

Although Hulu has not confirmed the contestants of "Best In Dough" or what challenges they might be facing on the show, the impressive judging panel indicates that the pizza challenges should be pretty intense. Judging by Bryan Ford's love for sourdough and his confession on Instagram for liking unconventional pizza toppings like pickles and mustard, contestants might be tested on their sourdough starter skills and out-of-the-box pizza creations. Plus, considering Chef Uditi's connection to Neapolitan pizza, it's very likely that contestants will be challenged on their Neapolitan pizza-making skills as well.