Why Putting Cheap Vodka Through A Brita Is Making A Comeback

Filed under what is old can be new again, TikTok has rediscovered a vodka hack that might filter out some harsh flavors in those value priced spirits. As many people turn to the social media site for hacks, trends, and other novelties, the idea of making a cost-effective vodka more palatable has people ready to pour another shot. CallMeBelly put the "vodka through a Brita filter" concept to a taste test. Although it is questionable if the liquor tastes like water, it seems to be less harsh. And while the pair's reaction might be a little over the top, the idea has resonated with many people.

As seen in the post's comments, many people recalled their college days and personally validated this beverage experiment. Still, there were a few caveats that people mentioned. Concerns about using leaving the vodka in the Brita pitcher for unsuspecting water drinkers, clogging the filter, and questioning how many times the vodka should be filtered were discussed. In some ways, there is an argument about time and effort spent to filter cheap vodka versus buying a slightly more pricey spirit and avoiding the extra steps. Still, one idea remains both before and after the filtration. The alcohol is not filtered out, so be aware of how much vodka is drunk. 

Can you filter out cheap vodka's unpleasant taste?

Some people have wondered what makes a $40 bottle of vodka so much better than a $15 bottle of vodka. Various brands tout craft, high-end ingredients, and more for their pristine flavors. For drinkers who might need to watch their spending, the flowery language, company heritage, and other superlatives might take a back seat to counting their pennies. The idea of using a Brita filter to make less expensive vodka taste better seems to be a smart, budget-conscious option over pricier brands.

Filed under science in the kitchen, Epicurious explained the reasoning behind why this concept works. Similar to how vodka is distilled, passing vodka through the Brita filter can help to reduce impurities in the liquid. With fewer impurities, the vodka has less "burn" factor and a less harsh aroma. Although, it should be noted that this hack is not one of Brita's suggested uses.

As one Spoon University writer determined, the Brita filter hack works — but drinking shot after shot can still lead to a little haziness around the edges. While the hypothesis was proven correct, one variable never changes. There is no magic pill (or filter) that can reduce the effect of over-imbibing.