TikTok Is Enraged By Harsh Claims Of Starbucks' Oat Milk

One good thing about Starbucks is its many milk options. In addition to the standard 2%, whole, and nonfat milks, the Starbucks menu also offers almond, soy, coconut, and oat milks. Oat milk, specifically Oatly brand oat milk, is the most recent addition to the menu, only becoming available nationwide in early 2021 (via Starbucks Stories & News).

However, Starbucks oat milk's journey has not been an easy one. According to CNN Business, within just one month of oat milk officially being on the menu, Starbucks faced an oat milk shortage. Sure, part of this shortage tied back to pandemic-related production challenges, but oat milk's growing popularity certainly didn't help. Furthermore, oat milk, as well as the other plant-based milks, came with an upcharge on your drink, causing celebs like Paul McCartney to call Starbucks out.

The latest oat milk scandal has to do with an alleged brand change. Although Starbucks has not announced any such change, customers claim they can taste a difference. TikTok in particular has been raging against Starbucks, demanding a return to Oatly oat milk. 

TikTok barista adds fuel to the Starbucks oat milk fire

The internet was up in arms immediately after one Starbucks barista posted a TikTok claiming that the chain had changed the brand of oat milk it uses. In the video, the barista writes, "Yeah, Starbucks changed the oat milk they use so that's why all your favorite drinks taste like [garbage] now."

According to the Daily Dot, while some Starbucks locations may have indeed changed brands, many still seem to use Oatly. Some commenters noted that the barista was from Canada, while others said the change was just temporary and due to shortages.

Upset customers flocked to the comments, with one person saying, "I was convinced they were giving me almond milk," and another asking, "Is that why my coffee tasted like expired cough syrup today?" Countless others simply said that they could taste a difference and they weren't a fan of the new oat milk brand. Hey, we like what we like, and that's okay. But Starbucks, please, bring back Oatly.