Instagram Is In Shambles Over A McDonald's 'Legal' Post

McDonald's social media presence has garnered a lot of attention in the last two years. Not only does it promote new offerings, but it also brings some light humor into its followers' lives. One example is its Instagram post from last September, where the social media managers joked that they weren't responsible for menu items on the fast food menu's classic sign.

And, having funny social media content has definitely helped it make a recognizable brand online. According to Giraffe Social Media, its lighthearted posts keep fans engaged while also attracting potential advocates. All this work could not be done without the restaurant's hardworking marketing managers — people who come up in occasional posts, including an instance in 2020, when they almost inspired the launch of a social media manager support group (via Wink News). The chain's most recent post also referenced McDonald's particularly vocal social media team.

Marketers were 'LOVIN' the post

A recent picture to McDonald's Instagram feed was a screenshot of a Tweet sent by "Brian From Legal." It stated, "no person in marketing has all 3: a life, a team, approval from legal." The caption read, "legal did not approve this copy." As mentioned before, McDonald's social media manager has been jumping through multiple hoops in recent years, including when it got in a Twitter feud with Wendy's and its fabulous use of memes.

Although this picture in particular was a repost from @sheetaverma, fans were definitely showing their love in the comments. One McDonald's enthusiast, @ximenavargasfach0, commented, "you guys are literally working on my dream job ... as a McLover and a marketeer IM LOVIN THIS."

Furthermore, video creator ​​@mattcutshall commented with a laughing emoji, and former "Bachelor in Paradise" star, @laceymmark, found it so funny she needed three laughing emojis. This post generated 413 comments as of this writing which is a testament to McDonald's social media marketing team. Perhaps that will be proof enough for the validation they (jokingly) seek.