How You Can Get A Free Iced Dunkin' Drink This Week

While Dunkin' may initially have risen to fame for its fluffy donuts, the national chain has now garnered a lot of popularity for its beverage menu — specifically, its iced coffee selection. In fact, in 2018, hot and cold drinks made up 60% of Dunkin's total sales, which may have inspired the brand to change its name to just Dunkin' (dropping the Donuts) the same year (via The Wall Street Journal). The line-up of iced beverages has included everything from coffee drinks — like classic iced coffee, iced lattes and macchiatos, and iced Americanos — to non-coffee beverages, like iced tea, iced matcha, or fruity Refreshers. This time of year, customers can even get the iced pumpkin spice latte.

People who love cold Dunkin' drinks and free stuff might be in luck. Right now, according to a recent Instagram post, the brand is partnering with food delivery service Grubhub to bring free iced drinks to fans through September 28. Here's what you need to know about the promotion, including how to take advantage of it.

You have to order through Grubhub

On Instagram, Dunkin' announced the new promotion with a popular meme of @dudewithsign holding up a cardboard sign in front of Dunkin' that reads "Iced coffee all year round." In the caption, the brand revealed the must-know details. Now through September 28, people can get a free iced drink from Dunkin' if they order through Grubhub. Customers must be Grubhub Plus members (which costs $9.99 per month), and the promotion covers drinks up to $6 in price.

According to a blog post by The Krazy Coupon Lady, there are 10 eligible iced drinks, including cold brew coffee and iced tea. Customers will also get free delivery on orders of $12 or more if they're Grubhub Plus members and free delivery on orders of $15 or more if they aren't a member. There's no promo code needed; it's automatically applied at checkout.

The influencer behind @dudewithsign — a.k.a. Seth Philips — also posted about the promotion on his own account. He revealed that a few lucky winners had the chance to have their drinks delivered to them personally by him if they commented on his post. Only followers who live in New York qualified for that specific perk, though.