Reddit Is Crying 'Tears Of Joy' Over An Aldi Buffalo Dip Returning

It doesn't really matter what time of the year it is... Buffalo chicken wings are a staple food offering for any hangout or family gathering. According to Hearthstone, the average American consumes 90 chicken wings per year, more often with ranch than Bleu Cheese. Chicken wings even made the most-searched list of foods for the Super Bowl and have stood as a classic food offering at every type of party. Included among all that spicy glory is also its close relative –– Buffalo chicken dip. Whether you make your own easy five-ingredient dip from scratch or buy it from the store, there's something about tasting the flavors of chicken wings in an easy-to-consume dip that makes them all that much better.

If you're itching to taste the spicy yet creamy sensations of Buffalo chicken dip, then you're in luck. Aldi has always offered high-quality products to customers, and now they're here to fulfill your Buffalo chicken dip dreams.

Specialty Buffalo style chicken dip returns

Drum roll, please...Aldi's Buffalo-style chicken dip has made its victorious return back to shelves. According to a recent Reddit post, the Park Street Deli specialty dip – prepared with premium white meat chicken, cream cheese, and hot sauce – is now available to Aldi customers nationwide. The dip has already earned a soft spot with customers. The original Reddit user posted a photo of the dip with the caption, "ITS FINALLY BACK *cries tears of joy*." Other users were just as happy, sharing their thoughts as well. For instance, one user wrote, "LOL, my oldest daughter opened the fridge yesterday and literally yelled, 'Yay...and you bought two.'" Another user commented, "Oh man, my husband and I housed one of these last weekend. I like it with Ritz Crackers."

According to Instacart, the 16-ounce container of dip costs $4.75 in Aldi stores. Whether you're set up for Game Day with the crew, staging a family movie night, or hosting a fall-themed party, Aldi's buffalo dip won't disappoint.