Why Lay's Is Applauding Big Brother's Newest Winner

Fans of CBS show "Big Brother" know the high stakes of the competition. For those unfamiliar with the reality series, the challenge is to essentially maintain your residence in a summer house for as long as possible, without getting voted off by the other contestants (via Inside Survivor). With both real and fake allegiances being made throughout the duration of the season, viewers are constantly kept on their toes to guess who will make it to the next episode. It's like "Survivor," minus the outdoorsy stuff.

Spoiler alert: This season's winner was just announced, and it was none other than Taylor Hale — a 27-year-old personal stylist from West Bloomfield, Michigan. From the beginning, Hale faced a lot of adversity in the house, being targeted by an "all-white alliance" and narrowly avoiding getting evicted several times, per the Los Angeles Times. Nonetheless, Hale persevered and made history by being the show's first Black woman to win the competition. Many were quick to congratulate Hale, including a particular potato chip brand that was especially significant to her journey on the show.

Lay's were a staple this summer for Hale

Lay's was particularly vocal in lauding Hale's "Big Brother" win — and here's why. There were several instances during Season 24 when Hale was seen snacking on some Lay's potato chips, according to the Daily Mail. Hale was in on the joke, too. When receiving her grand prize on television, she said, "I'm gonna spend a lot of money at the mall. Also I think I have to go and buy some potato chips after this."

Chips seemed to be a source of comfort for Hale, who went through an emotional rollercoaster throughout the filming process. Whether she was in the diary room or lying out by the pool, Hale almost always had a bag of original Lays potato chips in hand, leading blogger Tamara Tattles to predict that she might get a sponsorship from the brand. While that hasn't happened yet, the company did post a tweet congratulating Hale on her win. "You deserve all praise," the brand said, joking that it was "screaming, crying, throwing up," with emotion. Along with that shoutout, Hale also received the show's $750,000 grand prize, which she could use on countless bags of her favorite snack.