The Spiced Aldi Almonds Reddit Is Calling 'Life-Changing'

Over the last few years, German supermarket chain Aldi has joined the ranks of the country's most popular grocery stores. You know the ones — Costco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's. As part of its glow-up, Aldi has earned its own list of foods you need to try before you die, including Moser Roth truffles, Southern Grove trail mix, and Fusia Asian Inspirations skillet meals.

With the fall season upon us, Aldi's offerings have shifted to more seasonal products. Per EatingWell, some of the newest foods include apple cider-flavored cookies, pumpkin cheesecake caramel corn, and butternut squash ravioli.

Despite the wide variety of autumnal products currently available at Aldi, one particular item is really catching people's eyes. Yup, you guessed it, we're talking about Southern Grove's snickerdoodle spiced almonds. Much like the brand's other dried fruits and nuts, these spiced almonds appear to be flying off the shelves and now have the internet raving. Reddit, naturally, is no exception.

Reddit can't get enough of these seasonal Southern Grove Aldi almonds

The Aldi Reddit thread went absolutely nuts (pun intended) after one user posted about the Southern Grove snickerdoodle spiced almonds. According to the Aldi website, these bad boys also come in a pumpkin spiced variety, but right now the snickerdoodle spiced almonds are stealing the show. An "Aldi super shopper" writing for The Sun calls them "super clean" and claims they're "perfect for the upcoming holidays."

Per the Reddit caption, these almonds are "life-changing and dangerous." Many users of the social media site agreed, with one person commenting, "Stop making me want things!" and another saying, "I may have bought five bags." Others said they like to eat the almonds with apple slices or use them to make almond butter. Another Redditor suggested pairing the almonds with "a glass of wine and a quiet kitchen," to which someone else jokingly asked, "Where can I find the quiet kitchen?"

However, not everyone was a fan. One Reddit user said the almonds have a "really off-putting aftertaste." Others complained that the spiced coating was too "soft and powdery" and they wanted a harder crunch on the outside.