Gordon Ramsay And Snoop Dogg Are Teaming Up On An Unexpected Project

The famous loud-mouthed, fast-talking chef Gordon Ramsay is everywhere — the man is so busy that we're going to start thinking about the possibility of him having a doppelganger. Ramsay has so many projects and activities that it's hard to keep track of all of them (via Insider). Lately, among many other things, his Hell's Kitchen restaurant opened in California, he wrote a touching farewell to the late Queen on Twitter, and made TikTok users upset while selecting which lamb to eat next. Ramsay also made even more people angry by saying he loves the region of Cornwall, but hates the locals. Whew. 

On the positive side, the chef is supposed to be teaming up on an unexpected project with one famous American rapper and weed-aficionado, Snoop Dogg. Interestingly enough, the two know each other from before, when Snoop was a guest on Ramsay's show "The F Word" (per IMDb). And Ramsay himself taught the rapper how to cook, so there's a pretty strong bond between the chef and Snoop (via Insider). And now, Snoop Dogg is so confident in his cooking skills that you might not believe what the two are up to next.

Snoop Dogg and Gordon Ramsay are thinking about opening a restaurant in Scotland

Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the past decade knows that Snoop Dogg is a huge foodie, and how wouldn't he be with all that munchies-inducing weed he enjoys? Surprisingly, when he has the munchies, Snoop often chooses healthy snacks such as peanuts, apples, grapes, pistachios, and peanut M&Ms (via BuzzFeed). But, of course, no one can eat snacks all the time, and Snoop also has a favorite dish — it's a wagyu beef steak that was served to him by his long-time friend Martha Stewart and actor Matthew McConaughey (per Yahoo! Life). And in order to taste even more delicious dishes, Snoop and Gordon Ramsay have been speaking about opening a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland. 

The Scottish Sun reports that Snoop's love for Scotland is nothing new, as the rapper is a huge fan of Celtic Football Club, so why not open a restaurant in Scotland? If or when the restaurant is opened, Snoop hopes that it will offer his favorite meals such as fried chicken, burgers, and macaroni and cheese, but also some traditional Scottish fare such as haggis, consisting of a sheep's stomach stuffed with spiced offal and served with root vegetables (via Historic U.K.). We can't wait for the restaurant to open and to check out the menu because both Snoop and Ramsay are very creative when it comes to food.