The Luxurious Ingredient To Take Your Deviled Eggs To The Next Level

Deviled eggs are one of those finger food party staples that make for a tangy, creamy appetizer to serve at holiday celebrations or other gatherings from picnics to family reunions. A classic recipe might feature ingredients such as eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, salt, and black pepper, but there are a number of variations (via Food Network).

Some versions include pickle relish or tabasco, while countless others call for a garnish of chives and/or paprika. The Mashed deviled eggs' recipe entails all of those classic ingredients and sprinkled garnishes minus vinegar, with the addition of a tablespoon of sour cream. For those who want to get festive and seasonal, Mashed even provides an Easter deviled eggs recipe that uses food coloring to transform them into edible pastel creations.

But maybe you're looking to take this humble dish to the next level by adding an unexpected and new ingredient. After all, according to the North Carolina Egg Association, deviled eggs are believed to have originated in ancient Rome, where they were served as the beginning course to kick off a "fancy meal usually made for guests."

The 'golden goose's' deviled egg

Restaurants have gotten seriously creative with deviled eggs, finding new, innovative ways to upgrade the dish's flavor, like one Korean establishment in Charlotte, North Carolina, that uses an egg pickled in soy sauce as the foundation for its creamy filling (per Yahoo! Life). When mining the culinary world for lavish ingredients to take your deviled eggs to the next level, truffle and saffron might immediately spring to mind, but one of the items most associated with high society is caviar (via Taste). Topping deviled eggs with a little bit of caviar can enhance the texture and incorporate "fresh fish flavor" (per Real Simple).

And despite the expense, caviar-topped deviled egg recipes are not as uncommon as you might think. A simple Google search of deviled eggs with caviar yields nearly 176,000 results, including ones that complement the fish eggs' decadence with gold leaf (via YouTube). Of course, not everyone can afford this opulent delicacy. If you're entertaining guests on a budget, you can always replace caviar with the less expensive salmon roe. You still get the same briny, fishy taste while conserving a little coin, and there are a plethora of configurations online from which to choose.