Taco Bell's 'Unmelted Cheese' Debate Is Enraging Reddit

When you go to Taco Bell, you're basically signing up to receive some sort of delicious, taco-inspired, cheesy meal. The "have it your way" slogan really does apply to its whole menu, allowing customers to easily interchange and customize the Mexican meals to their liking. And if you don't eat meat, that's no problem either. According to Taco Bell's website, there are almost one million unique vegetarian combinations alone. Since its founding in 1962 though, the restaurant chain has undergone several changes to its food offerings to customers and even suffered some bad PR scandals. Claims have been made about its meat being only 36% real but were, thankfully, debunked and one TikToker claimed it doesn't use real cheese, which was also debunked. It seems that Taco Bell can't catch a break.

In the restaurant's latest public criticism, Reddit is putting Taco Bell on blast for yet another cheesy debate. This time though, it seems personal since it has to do with a chicken cheese quesadilla.

An unappealing cheesy chicken quesadilla

When ordering any Mexican dish, it's pretty much assumed that it'll contain some sort of melted cheese — either within the dish or on top. Sadly, someone posted a photo on Reddit of their sad-looking chicken quesadilla with non-melted cheese on the inside captioned, "The worse nightmare when you order a chicken quesadilla." Based on the photo, it truly would be a nightmare to bite into that. "Unmelted cheese is just as bad an offense as not having chicken imo," said one Reddit user. "That prob wasn't steamed and thrown in the grill for the marks because of quick drive thru times," said another user. "So sad, the state of so many of our TB stores," commentated another. Well, they're not wrong. We wouldn't want to bite into a non-melted cheese quesadilla either!

But for any problem, there's a solution. Apparently, if you want to ensure your Taco Bell cheese gets melted correctly, you have to ask them to steam it first. "Ask for them to steam it, that's where the cheese gets all melty," advised one Reddit user. Good information to have the next time you're jonesing a melted cheesy quesadilla from Taco Bell.