21% Of People Think This Is The Best Arizona Iced Tea Flavor - Mashed Survey

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and rising inflation, Arizona iced tea has remained at 99 cents. And, according to an interview with the Los Angeles Times, it's something the company is serious about. "I'm committed to that 99-cent price — when things go against you, you tighten your belt," chairman Don Vultaggio said. He goes on to cite the apparent price gouging from the oil industry and other manufacturers. "Consumers don't need another price increase from a guy like me," he said. The size of the can hasn't varied either; it's still the same 23-ounce portion that's been sold since the early '90s.

Though practically every business has felt an impact during these tumultuous times, Vultaggio doesn't seem to be losing out on anything by keeping his prices low. Per Forbes, he owns the company alone with his two sons and is worth $3 billion. The drink itself sold around $1.2 billion in 2016, making it the most popular canned (or bottled) tea beverage behind Lipton. To find out which flavor our readers enjoy the most, we conducted a survey of six different varieties.

A long-time favorite

Throughout history, there have been more than 100 flavors of Arizona iced tea, and more than 70 flavors were available in 2020 (per Twitter). In an exclusive Mashed survey, we decided to focus on six different varieties (listing more than 70 could be quite overwhelming). Out of 582 responses, 21.48% believe that Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey is the best Arizona tea flavor. Second place goes to Raspberry with 18.04% of votes, and Lemon follows with 17.87% of votes. In a relatively slim margin, the original Sweet Tea was the least favorite beverage with 12.03% of votes. Other answers include Peach at 17.70% and Arnold Palmer at 12.89%.

Per Arizona's website, the winning beverage's ingredients is made of green tea, cane sugar, honey, natural flavor, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) citric acid, and ginseng extract. The company also suggests drinking the beverage either hot or cold. According to Forbes, Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey is considered the brand's most popular product and was released in 1996 after lemon, raspberry, peach, and mango.