Jack In The Box Has A Fan-Favorite Halloween Special Returning

The word "monster" doesn't exactly have a positive connotation — unless it's attached to food, that is. Cookie Monster is the obvious example here, and then there's General Mills' line of Monster Cereals.  The cartoon versions of traditionally scary creatures — like Dracula and Frankenstein — featured on the boxes are widely considered by cereal enthusiasts to be friendly faces, making these spooky breakfasts a modern Halloween tradition rather than a cause for fear.

Jack in the Box has also put a positive spin on the word "monster" with its Monster Tacos, which features an extra-large crunch shell stuffed with ground beef, shredded lettuce, two slices of American cheese, and taco sauce (via Jack in the Box). The super-sized version of the West Coast eatery's beloved tacos has been doing a sort of devilish dance with the JITB menu since 2009, which is when Forbes reports that the entree was first discontinued by the chain. Fast forward to October of 2013, when the massive handhelds were brought back with the premise of becoming a permanent menu addition.

The restaurant made good on that promise for six years, but in 2019, Monster Tacos were discontinued once again — just to be resurrected for a third time in October last year. Upon the dish's 2021 return, it was known the tacos would only be available for a limited time, and with no word on whether they'd be back. Now, however, we know exactly when we'll be seeing them again.

Monster Tacos are back at Jack in the Box for a limited time

The chain's fan-favorite Monster Tacos will be making yet another appearance this year just in time for spooky season, as well as National Taco Day on October 4, which is when the outlet says they'll be dropping at Jack in the Box locations nationwide, according to Food Beast. Even better, the eatery will be offering customers the chance to grab two of them for just three dollars. While that means your hands might be too full to defend against any scary creatures that may approach you on Halloween, at least you'll have a double dose of giant tacos at your whim to fuel any Scooby Doo-style monster chase that may ensue.

Unsurprisingly, several Jack in the Box fanatics celebrated the fourth coming of Monster Tacos on Twitter. "MONSTER TACOS ARE BACK AT JACK IN THE BOX @JACKBOX THANK U," user @skywardsurge tweeted, while @Ominouss_ shared their go-to way of ordering the grub. "Extra cheese extra sauce is the only way!" they said before complimenting the "rad taco sleeves" adorned with spooky Jack images that the handhelds come wrapped in.

Sadly, Monster Tacos will only be available at Jack in the Box through October 31, 2022. Then, we'll have to face the scary prospect of possibly never eating them again.