TikTok Is Raving Over Costco's Delicious Onion And Garlic Dip

According to National Day Calendar, every March 23, the nation comes together to celebrate National Puppy Day. This is unfortunate, because March 23 is also National Chip and Dip Day, which might not be as adorable, but is certainly a tastier option, as anyone who has ever licked a puppy can attest.

The National Day Calendar site explains that the origins of National Chip and Dip Day are shrouded in mystery, perhaps lost to the annals of time. What is known is that it is unlikely to date back further than the 1950s, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Even though humans have been using various sauces, salsas, and hummus for centuries, they didn't actually dip chips in them. Chips didn't even come around until 1853, and it was nearly another hundred years before they were truly popular.

Whether you are one of those who celebrate the chip and dip combination, or walk a more traditional path, using a good dip on vegetables, a unique bread, or whatever else you can find, it seems a TikTok creator has found a new creamy version of one of the most classic dip flavor combinations for people to enjoy.

Fans are feasting their eyes on this onion and garlic dip

TikTok user CostcoHotFinds makes an art out of hunting down new and interesting CostCo items and informing their followers of things that are worth buying at the warehouse outlet. One of HotFinds' most popular contributions to the TikTok shopping sector was when they discovered Sun Noodle Ramen, which has "no preservatives or artificial coloring." Presumably, this is meant to suggest these are a superior choice to Top or Maruchan Ramen options stocked in most grocery stores.

CostcoHotFinds recently ran across an item that has people saying, "Ohh, this looks good!" Certainly, in the TikTok video, when they pull up a 31-ounce container of Carmelized Onion with Garlic dip, it looks appealing. It is a creamy white color and certainly resembles other store-bought dips, though this one touts some potentially healthy-sounding selling points. The video claims it has "no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives!" which means there shouldn't be any processed taste from synthetic flavoring.

"I pick some up and it's so good," offered a commenter who was clearly a fan. Another person suggested that "It's really good with the everything bagel chips" so that anyone already at the store knew where to start spreading. CostcoHotFinds claimed they, "could literally eat it with anything," though it seems unlikely to enhance the flavor profile of Gummy Bears.